how to make a paper bird that flies

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  • Question: When I use the first method, I pull the bird’s tail, but its wings do not flap. Community Answer You may have made a mistake; double-check that everything is positioned correctly. What should I do? You can always try again.
  • Community Answer: You can use any size paper. Can I use a sticky note? The size should be the only thing affected.
  • Question: Is it possible to use ordinary paper instead of origami paper? Community Response: Yes, but it must be thin. For this project, thick paper—like card stock or construction paper—won’t work well because it won’t bend properly.

Making a Twirling Flying Bird

  • 1 Grab your paper. For this flying bird, you should use rectangular A4 paper. [7] Regular 8. 5in by 11in printer paper works well. You can also use notebook paper.
  • 2 Hold your paper so that it forms a diamond shape and the white side is facing you. Two of the paper’s corners should point up and down. If your paper is two colors, begin with the color you want the bird to be facing away from you and down toward the table. You’ll fold your paper in such a way that the side that is facing down becomes the outside of your bird. The paper should be folded in half so that the bottom and top corners meet. You will now have a triangle.
  • 3 With a vertical crease, fold the paper in half once more. Then open it back up. Once the paper has been folded, return the flap to the table.
  • 4 Fold down the top of your paper. Your paper should be folded down at the tip in a horizontal crease. Your paper’s tip should extend below the lower edge that forms the triangle’s base. Fold the paper in half on a vertical crease. By now, you should have a crease line from folding your triangle in half, which will make this fold simple. Once the paper has been folded in half, turn it 180 degrees counterclockwise to make it vertical.
  • 5 Fold down the top flaps on each side. Fold each flap down, making sure the paper bird’s body has enough space for you to grasp it. The beak is visible as a triangle in the middle of your paper. To make the top edge of the fold and the top of the beak equal, fold the wings downward.
  • 6 Fold the wings back up. Holding the bird’s body, fold its wings up until each is positioned horizontally. You want your wings to be flat. Toss your spinning bird like a paper airplane, and observe as it spins in circles.
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