how to make a large birds nest

Hey there! A couple of weeks ago when I went to Magnolia Market with my sister-in-law and cousin-in-law, we saw a lot of things we liked. One of those being a cute little bird nest. But I couldn’t bring myself to pay $20+ dollars for it. I told them we could make one ourselves and so we did. We made some of the cutest little bird nests you ever did see! And since it was so easy, I thought I’d show you how to make your own in 5 easy steps.

That’s it – Voila – Finito!

You’ve created a darling bird’s nest for Easter or spring. I plan to place them all over the house. Because some of the supplies were on sale or we used the Hobby Lobby 20% off coupon, the total cost of the supplies was $25. Most of the supplies on the above list are available for your convenience on Amazon. We had enough to make multiple nests after creating eight. With the materials we had, you could easily make 20 nests, depending on size. In my opinion, that is an amazing deal when compared to the nest at Magnolia Market.

Additionally, it will actually take you five minutes to make the remaining ones after you’ve made the first one. Super easy, super cute!.

I just thought that those cute nests would look great under a cloche. Here is a cloche I made, if you would like to look at it. Or, how adorable would it be to incorporate them into a wreath? ??.

DIY Bird Nest Pin It For Later

how to make a large birds nest

Spring Bird Nest DIY

Greetings, friends! Today I’m going to be sharing a really enjoyable Spring DIY with you, but first… I shared an adorable tutorial on On Book Stack on Tuesday; if you missed it, you really should! Those book stacks are really well-liked!

For today’s post, I’m sure you all already know how much I adore bird nests, but if not, you’re about to find out! HA!

I was part of a fun Easter inspiration round up with some ladies over on Instagram, and I decided to put together a Spring/Easter tablescape using bird nests as my main element. Do you find bird nests fascinating? I think it is so neat how birds can build a nest…so much time, effort, and detail involved!

how to make a large birds nest

Anyway…. A few weeks ago, while perusing a nearby antique market, I came upon this enormous bird nest that I simply ADOREMED! I had never seen a bird nest quite so big! I decided to make my own version of it because I knew I could replicate it, and once I did, I styled it in a springtime tablescape and I wanted to share the process with all of you!

This particular springtime DIY bird nest is enormous—it’s not your typical bird nest girl!

You’re not putting a cloche over this one! HA!

how to make a large birds nest


How to create a birds nest?

Start by laying materials across the bottom of the nest and then build the sides up from there. Strategically place the twigs and sticks to build the walls, use yarn or pines to help weave the twigs into place. Finish up by placing a piece of moss or some loose grass in the center.

What can I put out for birds to make nests?

Fallen leaves and twigs left unraked make excellent nest materials for many birds.

What materials are used to make a bird’s nest?

They can be made out of sticks, twigs, leaves, grasses, mosses or even mud. Magpie-larks (also called ‘peewees’), apostlebirds and choughs make mud bowl nests that look like terracotta plant pots. To do this, they gather mud and grasses in their beaks and shake it around to mix it with their saliva.