how to keep birds quiet in the morning

Lucy’s secondary cage was also covered at night. Now as many parrot owners can attest, this isn’t always enough to solve the issue of waking up early. Despite using a thick blackout blanket, some parrots will still wake up. They will learn from their past experiences and their internal clock that it is beneficial to wake up when they hear the rest of the family doing so. The toys are crucial because they give Lucy something to work for when she chooses to behave appropriately in the morning rather than starting to call

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Behavior scientists have found that the behaviors that irritate us the most quickly are the ones that grab our attention. This means that we unintentionally give more reinforcement to the undesirable than the desirable behavior. They can therefore be the most resilient since the feedback loop is continuously provided. It is further explained by the fact that we are more likely to react negatively to noisy behavior when we are attempting to unwind.

We rescheduled the delivery time to 6:40 AM after she grew accustomed to her 6:30 AM delivery, and we stayed there for roughly four days before moving it back to almost 7:00 AM.

Initially, we set up a backup cage for Lucy to rest in. The second cage was a standard size, nothing special, and it was in a different room that was a little quieter for her. It still had lots of toys, food, and water dishes. The bird’s secondary cage was too small, and he saw it as a nesting area, which was one of the mistakes made with the other bird that was upsetting his family and other apartment residents. Establishing an environment that encouraged reproductive behavior opens up a whole new can of worms that may exacerbate our screaming problems.


Why are my birds loud in the morning?

By studying the trill rate of swamp sparrows, (range of notes, speed of beak movement) Duke University researchers confirm that birds sing more loudly and longer just before dawn. But not just to greet the new day, it turns out they do it to warm up before singing during the day to attract mates.

Why are birds so noisy at 5am?

Why do birds sing so early? Early mornings are too dark to search for food, and too dark to be spotted by predators. That makes it the perfect time to sing. As there is less background noise and the air is so still, sound carries around 20 times further than it would later in the day.