how to keep birds out of rafters

An open carport has many advantages over a closed garage. Open carports are easy to get in and out of, their construction and maintenance costs are lower, and they can be built in just a few days. With all of these positives, it’s easy to see why so many people have open carports on their properties. However, one minor disadvantage is that it is easier for birds to make their way into this kind of structure. Luckily, we have a few simple solutions and tips on how to keep birds out of your carport!

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There are two primary motivations that are likely to bring birds into your carport—food and a place to build a nest. If either of these attractions are in place, it’s likely that a few birds will hang around. If you want to prevent them from coming in, you need to both identify and adjust these two elements.

Removing the availability of food is simple—it essentially comes down to keeping your carport clean. But, you should keep in mind that what looks like food to a bird doesn’t look like food to you.

It might not be obvious that a feeding opportunity is present. Birds like to pick through leaves and debris to find little bites, so sweeping out your carport regularly is a good step. This is particularly important in the fall season when leaves are falling from trees. A clean carport won’t offer much of anything in the way of food, so that issue will be instantly eliminated.

Any bird hoping to build a nest in your carport will likely move into the rafters. The points where structural pieces come together often provide a nice landing spot for a nest. To keep birds from setting up shop under your roof, consider the following two options:

Once you’ve adjusted or eliminated the main bird attractors, there are a few other ways that you can repel birds from your carport:

When they’re flying through the air or stopping to take a dip in a bird bath, birds can often be a sight to behold; however, when they nest in rafters, they can also cause problems. The birds can cause damage to the property, but they also leave a mess from their droppings, food scraps, and nesting materials. Although nesting birds can be quite a nuisance, there are strategies to help them locate a different area to roost in.

After the birds have flown away, use a ladder to climb and remove any nests or nesting materials with your hands. If the rafters are too high, try using broom handles or other objects that can reach high places to bring down any materials. Take care when taking out the material because birds might still return and try to roost.

Scare birds away using frightening devices. A few of the devices designed to frighten birds away are water sprays, hawk silhouettes, loud speaker alarms, and flashing lights. In order to prevent the birds from growing accustomed to and eventually comfortable with the devices, move them around frequently. These kinds of items can be found in many feed and outdoor life stores.

Put porcupine wires between the rafters to keep the birds from settling and building nests. With their heavy wire prongs jutting in various directions, porcupine wires make it nearly impossible for birds to land without running the risk of harm.

After the birds have temporarily flown away, place nylon or plastic netting on the underside of the rafters, advises Kansas State University. They won’t be able to get back to the rafters because of the netting. But before you try to put the netting, make sure the birds have flown away, or else you risk trapping them.

Get a Fake Predator

If you would like to keep your carport free of birds and you don’t currently have an issue with them, you might want to get a fake predator to frighten them away. An artificial owl is a great choice for this job. After placing the owl on or close to the carport, move it every few days. The birds ought to be scared off just by seeing the owl.

Show Them a Reflection

Another way to deter birds is to use a device that allows them to see their reflection. That might be a mirror or just a few foil tape strips. The bird may decide to move on if it perceives itself in the reflection and believes the carport is already occupied.

Furthermore, the reflective surface will scatter light throughout the space, deterring birds. One potential permanent solution to the issue could be to strategically place reflective materials around the carport.


How do I keep birds off my trusses?

INSTALL BIRD NETTING Bird netting prevents birds from reaching the rafters. It should be strong, lightweight, dark in color, have squares no larger than ¾ inch – as this is the largest size that will eliminate sparrows and starlings.

How do you keep birds from nesting on beams?

Install bird spikes. Bird spikes are devices with small, needle-like rods that protrude from the base. These rods are dull and won’t harm birds, but will deter birds from perching and building a nest. You can place bird spikes on railings, ledges, under eaves, and anywhere that’s a likely nesting spot.