how to keep birds from eating sunflower seedlings

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My marigold plants are growing. I heard that pinching the buds until Autumn will allow them to grow without killing the plant. Is this true?

I know that opinions vary, but whats your opinion?!I have great luck w Rosemary plants. Green all year long.

Suggestions on how to get rid of termites naturally are appreciated however if there is only a chemical solution for these pests please share as well. Thank you!

Protecting Seedlings

When planting sunflowers, one of the most popular methods for safeguarding the immature seeds is to use covers. Using seed tunnels to create a physical barrier between your seedling and potential predators is a good way to keep them safe. Seed covers are only going to be helpful in the initial phases of growth. Once a flower begins to reach greater heights, you will require additional protection for them.

Encasing sprouting sunflowers in chicken wire or other thin fencing is another practical way to keep them safe. When the flowers start to grow, reposition the wire so that it doesn’t obstruct the tops, as this could harm them. Make sure there is enough space between the plants and the wire to prevent animals from getting the flowers.

Alternatively, you can begin sowing seeds in pots, which is a good option for smaller varieties that typically have smaller roots. Till it’s time to add the seeds to your plot or field, fertilize the soil to create the ideal growing conditions and give the seeds as much natural sunlight as you can.

After growing sunflowers, you will need to consider safeguarding the heads of the plants to prevent birds from stealing the seeds before they are ready to be harvested. Some of the most common flower covering materials include:

  • Poly Spring garden fleece
  • Cheesecloth
  • Old pantyhose

These materials are effective because they let light through while creating a fine mesh that prevents animals from penetrating and nibbling on your almost ripe seeds. Using these fine mesh coverings also shields your sunflowers from squirrels and other small animals, which is an added bonus.

Recall not to use plastic bags since moisture can seep into them and lead to the growth of mold or rot. Although they can be useful, paper bags don’t let in light like other materials do.

You can also stop birds from eating your sunflower seeds by providing them with another food source close by. Place water sources and bird feeders away from your crops. An alternative is to plant decoy plants that birds can consume.

I am aware that opinions differ, but what are yours? I have had amazing success with rosemary plants. Green all year long.

Somehow my house and garden got tiny gnats that killed my fuchsia plant and fly everywhere. I have tried ALL the Web recommendations – soap and oil dishes, sand in th… See more

We welcome suggestions for natural termite removal, but if there is only a chemical solution, please let us know as well. Thank you!.

My marigold plants are growing. I’ve heard that you can allow the buds to grow without harming the plant by pinching them until autumn. Is this true?.


How do you protect sunflower seedlings?

Protecting Seedlings Seed covers will only be useful for the early stages of growth. After a flower starts growing taller, you will need something else to protect them. Another effective solution to protect sprouting sunflowers is to encase them in chicken wire, or other lightweight fencing.

What is eating my sunflower seedlings at night?

Shine Your Light! You might have cutworms that live in the soil and only come out at night to eat your plants. Try digging around where the sunflowers are to find them and get rid of them.

How do you plant sunflowers without birds eating them?

Covering seeds is the best way to keep birds from eating them prematurely, but the cover you choose must permit air circulation so the seeds can continue to ripen. A pantyhose stocking can be stretched over the sunflower heads, or you can wrap them with cheesecloth, flour sacks, or netting.