how to keep birds away from your balcony

Managing or owning an apartment complex comes with many responsibilities. While you’re busy managing the complex, one of your main responsibilities outdoors may fall into controlling avian activity. They leave unwanted droppings all over sidewalks, on balconies and may even nest in overhangs. Here are some tips and tricks to preventing birds from taking over your apartment buildings.

Restore or seal your deck every few years

Consider giving the surface of your deck or patio a coat of oil if it needs some restoration. This will deter birds from landing there and keep the wood looking fresh. In addition to improving the appearance of your deck, deck oil can shield the wood from UV rays and moisture.

If everything else fails, you can always enclose your patio or deck with bird netting. By doing this, birds won’t land on or close to your outdoor area. Bird netting is a good option for people who want to be absolutely certain that no birds will come near their patio or deck because it’s inexpensive and simple to install. This can be a useful last-ditch measure to completely deter birds from landing there. It will keep them away!

Install a bird deterrent system

how to keep birds away from your balcony

You might think about adding a bird deterrent device to your gutters or roof. This can take the shape of protruding spikes from underneath it, similar to what was previously mentioned, which will prevent them from landing there at all. Another option is to try installing bird spikes on your patio or deck’s roof. This will help discourage birds from using this area for nesting, as it will be unsettling for them to land there and see spikes appearing out of nowhere!

To prevent them from perching on ledges, windowsills, and other surfaces, you can also use foil tape.

Clean your deck regularly, especially if it is made of wood

Cleaning up any food that may have been left behind by people is a good idea because dirt and grime accumulation can attract birds to your deck. This includes stale bread crumbs and other party or picnic leftovers. Additionally, you need to confirm that the siding is free of any gaps that could allow birds to fly in through tiny cracks. If there are, seal them up as best you can.