how to install a bird feeder pole


how to install a bird feeder pole

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how to install a bird feeder pole

Advanced Pole System® (APS) System Hardware

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Our patented Advanced Pole System® (APS) is the cornerstone of a successful bird attraction strategy and a ground breaking idea. The APS, which consists of hardware pieces that can be swapped out, allows you to choose the configuration that will work best for the birds you want to attract and the habitat in your backyard. How Does It Work? It’s simple! Just insert a screwdriver into the middle hole of the 4-foot Base Pole and twist it into the ground using the handy corkscrew auger connected at the bottom of the pole. This allows you to create and customize your bird feeding station with over 3,000 combinations thanks to its modular design, which lets you add or subtract bird feeders, bird houses, and other bird feeding accessories. It’s all up to you! After that, push the stabilizer into the ground by sliding it onto the base pole. According to tests, the stabilizer keeps the pole straight in wind gusts up to 56 km/h (35 mph). Plus, it is lawnmower-friendly. Get creative and design your own special arrangement by choosing the bird bath, birdhouse, feeder, and feeder accessories that you desire. The APS components are simple to assemble and don’t require any special tools. In no time at all, birds will swarm to your new APS station. So, sit back and enjoy the show.


How do you anchor a bird feeder pole in the ground?

Attach four legs to the post half way up its exposed length and anchor these to the ground. Set the pole level in all directions, mix your cement and fill the hole to within 4” of ground level. This 4” top space will allow you to plant grass or flowers if so desired.

Where should I put my bird feeder pole?

Hang your bird feeder away from trees, bushes, fences or buildings. Squirrels and other predators may use these to climb or jump onto the bird feeder. If you must hang the bird feeder on a tree, keep it at least six feet from the trunk or the tree limbs.

How do you stabilize a bird feeder pole?

Instead, you need to work on firming up the ground AROUND the base of the pole. So use your foot or a mallet or a stone or whatever to compact the soil around the pole’s foot support. This approach can actually make a surprising difference.