how to hang slinky on bird feeder

If you have a bird feeder, you likely already know the damage a hungry squirrel can do. Bird Man Mel has some tips for keeping squirrels out through traditional ways, such as shepherd’s hooks, under baffles and hanging baffles, and you can also stop squirrels by purchasing squirrel proof bird feeders. But, for those looking for inexpensive ways to protect your current bird feeder, here are five things to try.

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Put crushed cayenne pepper in the bird feed

how to hang slinky on bird feeder

Mammals have taste buds, so small animals like chipmunks and squirrels are bothered by the spicy spices. A deterrent could be added to the bird food by adding crushed pepper. Most importantly, birds do not suffer any adverse health effects from crushed pepper. In fact, a scientific study that examined the efficacy of treating sunflower seeds with capsaicin discovered that areas with high bird populations experienced an increase in visits from birds while discouraging squirrels from stealing seeds.

Use safflower seeds instead of sunflower seeds

Squirrels have been observed by numerous observers to steer clear of bird feeders that contain safflower seeds. Squirrels generally detest the bitter taste of safflower seeds, despite the fact that they have occasionally been seen consuming them. Safflower’s high fat content, protein content, and nutrient-rich oil make it an excellent food source for birds. Finally, grackles and starlings, which keep other desirable birds away, are not drawn to safflower seeds, which is an additional advantage of using them as a squirrel deterrent.

Purchase options and add-ons

Brand Just Play
Target Species Squirrel
Material Metal
Special Feature Squirrel Proof
Mounting Type Freestanding
  • Contains: 2 zip ties to attach to poles up to 2 inches in diameter, Slinky Scram, and Squirrel.
  • Squirrel-proof your bird feeder. The Scram, Squirrel by Slinky is the match for squirrels!
  • For more than 75 years, the recognizable Slinky brand spring toys have been produced in the USA.
  • When placed around bird feeder poles, the Scram, Squirrel by Slinky works as an effective squirrel deterrent. It also serves as humane entertainment while birdwatching.
  • Slinky Scram, Squirrel extends to a length of approximately 36 inches and hangs organically.
  • A helpful tool for people who want to save their bird seed for the birds is the Slinky Scram, Squirrel.

how to hang slinky on bird feeder