how to hang bird feeder on fence

When it comes to hanging a bird feeder, there isnt just one right way to do it. Many feeders come with wire or string hangers attached, and all you need to do is find someplace to hang the feeder up. If you want to be creative, or if your feeder needs more complicated mounting, there are a few different ways to go.

Whether you are hanging a small hummingbird feeder or a large cardinal hopper feeder, start by considering location. What is the best place to hang that type of bird feeder in your yard?

Here are a few things to review before filling a nectar feeder:

  • Check to make sure the base compartments are securely tightened.
  • Push container into base to close ports to prevent leakage.
  • Unscrew cap to fill with nectar.
  • Screw cap back on securely to form an airtight seal.
  • When you arrive at the location where you wish to hang the feeder, we advise leaving it closed.
  • To open the nectar reservoir on Perky-Pet®Top Fill Feeders, grasp the base with one hand and pull up on the container with the other to reveal the feeding ports.
  • Your feeder is now ready.

Regarding the hanging of a bird feeder, there is no one correct method. Several feeders have wire or string hangers already attached; all you have to do is locate a place to hang the feeder. There are several options if you want to get fancy or if mounting your feeder requires more work.

Hanging hummingbird feeders close to a window allows many people to observe the tiny, gregarious hummingbirds that frequent the feeder. Additionally, seed feeders that function well by windows are available. These feeders allow you to see birds more clearly and bring them closer to you. There’s nothing more convenient than lounging in your house and observing birds up close.

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Squirrels can jump several feet, so even with a squirrel guard in place, they might be able to reach your feeder from neighboring branches. If hanging your bird feeders from a tree branch, you may want to use a squirrel-resistant feeder and food that squirrels dislike (such as safflower seeds or bird food seasoned with cayenne pepper).

You can hang bird feeders almost anywhere you want with a deck hanger or freestanding hook. These hangers, depending on the model, can hold one to four bird feeders. They are also easily movable, so you can move the feeders to a different location at different times of the year or just because you don’t like the view when you’re done.


What is the best thing to hang a bird feeder with?

A deck hanger or freestanding hook is a great way to add bird feeders just about anywhere you want to put them.

Should bird feeders be in the sun or shade?

Move Feeders to the Shade It also keeps seed and other bird foods from spoiling as quickly from the seasonal mixture of sun and humidity. Plus, a shaded spot also provides birds shelter from predators. Consider hanging feeders in a tree, near a shrub, or on a garden hook placed next to vegetation.

Where is the best place to hang bird feeders?

Positioning feeders in open areas with good views from favorite windows will help you more easily spot every feathered visitor. You should also make them easily accessible for refilling and cleaning. Don’t place them in areas where too much mess and spillage underneath the feeders might become a problem.