how to get the old angry birds games

The classic is back!

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is a reimagining of the original game. Recalling the glory days of 2012, Rovio Classics: Angry Birds recreates the thrill of tossing birds while retaining all the features of the original game, updated for contemporary gadgets. Prepare your slingshot fingers for a healthy dose of nostalgia and some incredibly satisfying bird-flinging mayhem.

how to get the old angry birds games

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds, a completely redesigned game, brings the original Angry Birds experience to contemporary mobile devices. Withdraw the slingshot, allow the birds to soar, and savor the joyful devastation.

Rovio Classics: Angry Birds

how to get the old angry birds games

how to get the old angry birds games

“We have reviewed the business case of Rovio Classics: Angry Birds and due to the game’s impact on our wider games portfolio, we have decided that Rovio Classics: Angry Birds will be unlisted from the Google Play Store on Thursday, February 23,” Rovio Entertainment said in a statement posted on Twitter. In addition, the game will now be available on the App Store under the name Red’s First Flight while it is under review. Rovio Classics: Angry Birds can be played on devices even after it has been removed from the list if they have downloaded the game. ”.

“We recognize that the team that has put a lot of effort into making Rovio Classics: Angry Birds a reality and many fans are saddened by this news.” We sincerely appreciate all of the Angry Birds fans who have supported the game and the brand since its inception. Our daily goal is to create the best possible experience for players in our live Angry Birds slingshot games, like Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Friends, and Angry Birds Journey, and we hope those fans can continue to bring that passion to our work,” the statement continued.

The decision is not wholly unexpected, as Rovio has recently focused on more recent titles that use a freemium business model—in which users can play games for free but the company makes a lot of money through in-app purchases. The game is currently available for Rs 95 on the Indian Play Store under the name Rovio Classics: AB. Along with a sequel to the original game, Angry Birds 2, the company has released several free spinoffs of Angry Birds, such as Angry Birds Star Wars and Angry Birds Rio.


Can you still download original Angry Birds?

The classic version of the game is being delisted from the Google Play store but will continue to be available on the App Store, with a new name. First released in 2009, Angry Birds has become a global phenomenon, with over four billion downloads worldwide.

What happened to all the old Angry Birds games?

In early 2019, all remaining Angry Birds games released before October 2014 (with the exception of Friends) were discontinued and removed from app stores, though Bad Piggies was added back in early 2020.

Why is Angry Birds Classic gone?

Talking to Axios, Rovio’s head of Angry Birds strategy Ben Mattes said that the company delisted the game because it was making other Angry Birds titles more difficult to find in search results.