how to get the bird in mario odyssey

See how to find the locations of Sand Kingdom Power Moons 21-40 in our Super Mario Odyssey guide. Use our main walkthrough to find the Power Moons for every level in the game.

The Sand Kingdom has a total of 81 Power Moons. This page lists Power Moons 21-40.

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One of the Power Moons in the Sand Kingdom is Power Moon 21: Bird Flying the Desert.

One can acquire this Power Moon from a bird that flies over the Desert Kingdom. Just reload the zone and head straight for the Southeast oasis to find it with ease. Look for a glowing eagle while perched atop a palm tree. LoadingPlay.

The bird will eventually approach your palm tree if you wait patiently, and you can then hit him with your hat. He will drop his Power Moon when you hit him, which you can then easily grab. If it is more convenient, you can also use Cappy to hit the bird near the palm trees on the ground level. However, if you do that, in order to get the bird and the Power Moon, you’ll need to use motion controls and launch Cappy skyward. advertisement.

21. Bird Traveling the Desert

A bird that glows is seen flying between the Desert Oasis and Tosatarena. Try hitting it with Cappy if it flies low enough, or just jump on it to reveal a Power Moon. Because the bird frequents the same locations, you can anticipate its movements and wait for it to arrive.

34. Fishing in the Oasis

accessible following the completion of every major mission in the Sand Kingdom Go to the Desert Oasis and seize Lakitu now that the ice has melted. You can fish for outlines of fish that are swimming in the water. Wait for the Cheep Cheep to bite after dropping the line into the water close to one of the outlines. After a few nibbles, watch for the controller’s rumble to intensify before attempting to reel them in. Remember that even with the hook in the water, you can still move. Even if you walk directly in front of an outline, it won’t flee.

Coins or a hear can be obtained by catching a smaller Cheep Cheep, but a Power Moon can be obtained by catching a larger one. To increase your chances, shake your control as well because it will be more difficult to reel in the big one!


How do you catch the bird in Super Mario Odyssey Bowser Kingdom?

The trick is to throw your hat out and hold it there, then run away while turning the camera away from it. When your hat returns to you it will hit the respawning bird.

How do you get the bird in wooded kingdom?

It’s located in Quadrant B3, but circles around the large platform the Broodal Boss Fight was on. Warp to the Iron road halfway point checkpoint and jump on the railing facing the bottom. Swing cappy at the glowing bird flying by the area, then jump up to collect this Power Moon.

How do you get the bird in Cap Kingdom?

Capture a Paragoomba and fly toward a glowing bird (you’ll have to chase it). If you loose it, check the map to find the x marking it’s position and try to head it off (it travels in a counter-clockwise path). Once caught, the bird will give you a Power Moon.