how to get marksman in angry birds epic

In this guide we explore all the various classes of birds in Angry Birds Epic. Understanding these classes — and the different battle abilities associated with each — is integral to your success in Epic. Bottom line, there are levels that simply aren’t passable without a specific class of bird being part of the line up.

With that said, before we jump into the various classes, you may be asking yourself, “how do I change a bird’s class?” Classes are associated with the bird’s headgear, which can be changed by tapping a bird in the main menu. Once you do this all the classes you’ve unlocked will appear. From time to time throughout your journey in Epic you will unlock “Trainer” stations where you can purchase different headgear (either with Snoutlings or Lucky Coins). Down the road these classes can also be upgraded at the Mighty Eagle’s Dojo, but we’ll cover that in a later guide.

Blue attack values are based on an attack power of 100. Adjust proportionally based on your bird’s attack power!Green healing values are based on a health rating of 100. Adjust proportionally based on your bird’s health!

Defensive Formation: Target bird receives 50% less damage and all other birds received 40% less damage; Lasts 1 turn.

Devotion: Target receives 35% less damage and the Paladin takes the damage instead of the target bird; Lasts 3 turns.

I Dare You!: Forces all enemies to attack target bird; Target takes 20% less damage; Lasts 2 turns.

Ancestral Protection: Target is protected for 3 Turns. Attackers deal -40% damage after attacking the target. Lasts 3 Turns

Energy Drain: 65% chance to remove helpful effects from all enemies; Deals 45 damage to all enemies.

Acid Rain: Deals 20 damage to all enemies; Targets also receive 35 damage per turn for the next 3 turns.

Chain Lightning: Deals 100 damage; Lightning strikes 3 other targets, getting weaker with each jump (specifically 67/45/30 damage).

Energize: Each attack on the target fills the Rage Chili by 5% and has a 20% chance to stun the attacker for 1 turn; Lasts 3 turns.


Red Protects the party. A real hero!


HP: 36/45/54/63 AD: 8/9/10/12

Rage Chili

Deals 500% AD damage to the enemy with the most health.

Rage Chili

– Arena

Deals 350% AD damage to the enemy with the most health.

Chuck A powerful wizard. Deals damage to all enemies at once!


HP: 18/22/27 AD: 12/14/17

Rage Chili

Immediately launch 5 attacks from your birds.

Rage Chili

– Arena

Immediately launch 3 attacks from your birds.

Matilda A strong healer who also packs quite a punch!


HP: ??? AD: ???

Rage Chili

Heals all birds for 35% health and removes all their negative effects.

Rage Chili

– Arena

Heals all birds for 30% health, banner for 10% health and removes all their negative effects.

Bomb Likes to beat up enemies with powerful attacks – one pig at a time.


HP: ??? AD: ???

Rage Chili

Deals 150% AD damage to all enemies.

Rage Chili

– Arena

Deals 100% AD damage to all enemies.

Jay, Jake, and Jim Jacks of all trades. But they really excel in dealing tons of damage!


HP: ??? AD: ???

Rage Chili

Deals 200% AD damage to a random enemy, stuns a random enemy for 1 turn and removes all positive effects from a random enemy.

Rage Chili

– Arena

Deals 160% AD damage to a random enemy, stuns a random enemy for 1 turn and removes all helpful effects from a random enemy.

Thunderbird(275 Lucky Coins; Behind Friendship Gate)

Thunderclap: Deals 40% damage to all enemies; the chosen target absorbs 25% damage over three turns.

Fury of Thunder: For three turns, enemies launching an attack against any bird will deal 35 damage.

Dancing Spark: 45% of the damage is dealt to this target, and the remaining 25% is applied to all other enemies. Lasts 3 turns.

Mirror: Produces a mirror image of the target that attacks it in a split second, causing damage equal to or greater than two turns.

Healing Strike: Deals with 20100% damage; heals all birds by 2020% of the damage dealt.

Healing Shield: In the event that any bird sustains damage, all birds are restored by the 2015% of the damage; lasts 3 turns

Thorny Vine: Deals 35 damage, and for the next three turns, the target also takes 100 damage every turn.

Regrowth: Heals all other birds for 10 health and the target for 20 health.

Royal Order: Deals 125 damage and compels all adversaries to launch three turns of attacks at the bird with the most health.

Royal Aid: Heals the target bird for 25 health points and eliminates all negative effects from it.

Angelic Touch: Deals with 202x%2055%20damage; Birds attacking this target regain 5% of their maximum health; Lasts 3% of turns

Spirit Link: Lasts three turns; connects to the intended bird; all linked birds share the healing they have received.

Heavy Metal: %20160% damage deal; %2015% chance to stun target for 1% turn

Calm Song: For the next three turns, all birds will heal for five health each turn in addition to their initial healing of ten health.

Sinister Smite: Deals with 250% damage; Target takes 2015% of the dealt damage and Matilda is healed by the same amount Lasts 3 turns.

Giant Growth: Increases attack power and health by 20%. Lasts 3 turns.

Pummel: Deals 100 damage.

Arrr!: All birds’ attack power has increased by 2025%; the last three turns are

Cover Fire: Deals 20x 20-30% damage; Lowers 20 percent attack power by 20 percent for 2 turns

Target: The bird uses its attack power to counter enemy attacks, allowing it to recover from previous turns.

Enragement: Dealing with damage of $275,500; this damage has increased by 1% per 2% filled in the Rage Chili

Enragement: Target bird absorbs 15% of its maximum health as damage, but all enemies sustain the same amount of harm

Raid: Deals 90 damage and instantly eliminates the target’s beneficial effects.

Whip%20Up!: The target bird absorbs 2010% of its maximum health as damage, but its attack power increases by 60%; it lasts for 3 turns.


How do you get the red pig key in Angry Birds Epic?

Red Pig Key: One must complete Shaking Hall (Cave 1) in the Chronicle Cave and defeat the Dark Shaman to get the Red Pig Key. It unlocks all Red Pig Gates.

How do you get free lucky coins in Angry Birds Epic?

You receive 3 Lucky Coins when you level up. In versions ?-?, when you Complete the daily bonus to receive 1 to 7 Lucky Coins, plus 1 extra Lucky Coin if you login via Facebook. In versions ?-? and ?-?, when you defeat the Golden Pig. You sometimes get 3 to 6 Lucky Coins when you open chests throughout the game.