how to get happy bird essence cozy grove

Feeding your pets is essential to keep them happy and producing essence. Heres how to work out what they eat and how to make it.

During your first week in Cozy Grove, you should have at least one pet bird. These spirit birds start off young and to enable them to grow older you must continue to feed them whenever they ask for food. Feeding your pet birds, and later pet deer, is an important way to get spirit bird essence and spirit deer essence. The younger and less happy your pets are, the less spirit essence they will produce. The older they are, the more happy spirit essence theyll produce.

To make your pets happy you have to interact with them and read what their likes and dislikes are. Putting them next to objects that increase the fullness of their three hearts will allow them to produce more essence and eggs for you. Essence is used to craft either valuable furniture or valuable cooked goods so youll want plenty of it. Heres how to keep both birds and deer happy and producing essence.


Spirit bird essence can be exchanged for potted flowers at Kits Canteen or used in crafts and cooking.

Spirit bird essence is used for crafting most uncommon decorations.

Spirit bird essence is used to cook the following dishes:

In return for the happy bird essence cooking recipe, one spirit bird essence can be donated to Captain Billweather Snouts collection.

Step One: Figure Out What Their Thought Bubble Means

how to get happy bird essence cozy grove

If you are unfamiliar with the majority of the objects in the game, it may be difficult to discern what your pets are requesting. Almost always, the spirit pets will prefer cooked food to raw ingredients, so you’ll need to combine and create something else out of the raw ingredients you have.

All you need to do to cook basic foods is ask Flamey to ignite something. You must have unlocked the spirit bear Allison Fisher and create the cuisine with her in order to prepare more intricate dishes. The type of bowl in the picture can help you determine what basic food your animal friend might be requesting.

  • Any kind of mushroom that is burned produces bland-colored food that is either on a stick or a kebab.
  • When turnips, potatoes, and other root vegetables are burned, the result resembles colorful vegetables inside a blue container.
  • Any fruit can be burned to produce colored food that is served in a glass bowl that is visible through the glass.

Other common requests from your deer and birds include fancy mixed greens and bagels. If you’re not sure, your pets are probably requesting cooked versions, and the imps are most likely requesting raw versions.

  • Five bowls of roasted root vegetables, two bags of toasted nut flour, and one spirit bird essence are used to make bagels at Allison Fisher.
  • Toasted nut flour is obtained by burning walnuts at Flamey. Walnuts are found from walnut trees or by digging .
  • When you combine ten mixed greens at Allison Fisher, you get fancy greens. Deluxe greens are a third shade darker than raw mixed greens and fancy greens, which are all marginally darker than average.

Step Two: Gather Cooking Materials

how to get happy bird essence cozy grove

To locate mushrooms and root crops (potatoes, turnips), simply hop into leaf piles and excavate any loose, loose areas on your map.

  • Keep in mind that digging happens automatically; you don’t need to insert the shovel into your hand slot.

When you clear out a few of these resources, they will occasionally respawn. However, the amount of resources you can gather is limited, and respawning will end if you have used up all of the daily respawns.

Mixed greens are collected from large, spiky-looking bushes of vines. They are the most accessible and widely distributed because they yield a large quantity of mixed greens per bush. You can either start your own farming by purchasing fruit trees from Mr. to gather fruit, or you can find fruit trees scattered throughout the island that are ready for harvesting. Kit.


How do you get joyous bird essence?

Joyous bird essence can be harvested from mature spirit birds, obtained by helping heartbroken imps, or caught while fishing. Joyous bird essence can also be cooked by Allison Fisher using 25 happy bird essence.

How do you get spirit bird essence?

Spirit bird essence can be harvested from young spirit birds, obtained by skipping stones at dark blue clams or helping heartbroken imps, caught while fishing, or occasionally purchased at Kit’s Canteen. Five spirit bird essences can be obtained by recycling one happy bird essence.

How do you get birds in cozy Grove?

Spirit birds can be purchased at Kit’s Canteen or Beastly Charms & Curios and occasionally rewarded by bears for completing their quests.

How do you get happy deer essence?

Happy deer essence can be harvested from adult spirit deer, obtained by helping heartbroken imps, or caught while fishing. Happy deer essence can also be cooked by Allison Fisher using 25 spirit deer essence. The cooking recipe can be obtained by donating a spirit deer essence to Captain Billweather Snout’s collection.