how to get golden eggs in angry birds

Welcome to the most complete Angry Birds Golden Eggs guide on the web. By following this guide you can unlock all 35 Golden Eggs and enjoy some fun — and sometimes challenging — new levels! Using this guide is simple, just match the number on the below to the instructions further down the page. Remember there is a video walkthrough for each Golden Egg that shows its location (how to unlock it) and how to obtain the star. For a complete list of the update history click here.

Pause any level and press the “?” (help) button in the bottom left hand corner. The Golden Egg will be on the White Bird instruction screen. Note, you have to have unlocked the White Bird before the White Bird instruction screen will appear.


The Golden Eggs that can be found in the original game are listed here.

Currently, there are 36 Golden Eggs on Android devices, compared to just 28 on the iOS version (named “Red’s First Flight”), with one fewer Golden Egg on Android devices prior to version 2. 3. 0. As of December 11, 2016, the last level has a number of 36, which represents the current total. [2].

  • Extra (The Golden King Pig): Unlocked after three stars on every level from Poached Eggs to Mine and Dine, along with the first segment of Birdday Party, this unique golden egg is only accessible on iOS and Android devices. On the second page of the Golden Eggs episode, you can find the Golden King Pig. You will be randomly taken to one of these four minigames and a random level from one of the first eight episodes that were released in chronological order when you tap on the Golden King Pig. Note: Your scores will NOT be logged in these events.
  • King Pig: Every bird becomes a pig, and every pig becomes an egg. The only differences in this mode are aesthetics; every pig and egg behave in the same way as their original counterpart.
  • Material Mix-Up: The level will have two different materials. The approach of a level is altered when two of the materials are switched, but the number of birds in the level and the winning conditions stay the same.
  • Bird Frenzy: The player is given an infinite number of random birds and must beat the level in the allotted time, which varies based on the size of the level.
  • Complete Devastation: In just ten seconds, tap the level to blow it up! Everywhere you tap creates a small explosion. This event is not nearly as challenging in most cases.

The Golden Egg King[]

A mobile-friendly website that lets users make an avatar for later use was released as a Facebook promotion. The website for creating avatars mentions joining the flock to guard the golden egg. An image displays Red, Chuck, The Blues, Bomb, and Matilda raising an atypically large golden egg with a crown, to the cheers of hundreds of Flock clones.

This was an early look at Angry Birds Friends’ Bird-O-Matic.

Golden Egg #9Mighty Hoax Level 4-7

Golden Egg will be atop the cliff to the right when you zoom out. Aim and hit it with the Yellow Bird.


How do you unlock Golden Eggs?

Golden Eggs are special items hidden in the Angry Birds series, which unlock additional levels upon collecting them. In most cases, this is achieved by simply destroying or hitting an object or the egg itself in a few levels (typically earning c.

How do you get golden king pig?

To unlock it, three stars must be obtained on all levels from Poached Eggs to Birdday Party (cake 2).

Does Angry Birds Seasons have Golden Eggs?

Level 1-3 = The Golden Egg is located on the bridge in the middle of the level. This Egg is very easy to obtain with a well-aimed bird. Level 1-12 = The Golden Egg is located above the grassy arrow on the right side of the level.