how to get birds out of crawl space

Although birds are often harmless outdoors, they can become a nuisance when they invade your attic. Birds are responsible for making large messes when roosting in an attic. They also carry potentially harmful diseases and parasites. Not only do you want to get birds out of your attic, you’ll want to make adjustments to keep them away permanently.

How are birds getting in my attic?

Birds can get into your attic in many ways. The most popular entry points for them are broken windows, chimneys, soffit holes, damaged attic vents, and even holes in the roof. We discovered that animals, including birds, will attempt to enter even if the hole is extremely small. They will enlarge it so they can fit, and occasionally they will make even more holes so they can enter. Repairs are the key to keeping birds out of your attic. Examine your roofline and gutters for any possible damage, and if you find a hole, get in touch with us for a free inspection and repairs.

Why are there birds in my attic?

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the construction of homes and other structures is destroying the habitat of birds. Typically, when we observe a large number of birds in the attic calls, it is associated with an area that has a lot of homes and buildings. The contractors who build these structures usually remove trees and bushes, which are typically the natural nesting places for birds. When these natural nesting places are lost, birds adjust and begin using other places. We also provide other services like installing bird spikes and removing birds from stores. Sometimes the explanation is as simple as the fact that your attic is a convenient and safe location away from predators. Other times, they discover that your attic has a plentiful supply of food, either because of things stored there or, in the worst case scenario, because there are insects or other prey there as well. We also look for prey animals in your attic during our inspections, so you won’t have to worry.

Can birds in your attic make you sick?

You can become ill from a bird in the attic, especially if there are a lot of them there. Bird droppings draw parasites and fungi, whose spores can cause severe lung infections and, in extreme cases, even result in death. Histoplasmosis is a serious disease caused by birds that can cause flu-like symptoms and be fatal to elderly people and infants who have compromised immune systems. We provide bird sanitization services, which include cleaning your attic of guano and sanitizing it to remove all fungi and parasites. Additionally, birds bring mites and lice, which can contaminate your attic and your house entirely if they manage to get inside. Not only will you soon have to deal with a bird problem, but fleas can infest your carpet and mattresses. If it gets that bad, you’ll have to have your entire home fumigated or replace your mattresses and carpets. These insects are tiny and difficult to spot, but when they bite, they leave itchy red marks on your body.


How do I get rid of birds in my crawl space?

Fill in openings with mesh wire and sealant. Birds tend to love nesting in attics, rafters, and crawl spaces, so keeping them from getting inside. Hire a contractor to install mesh wire on your roof. Unless your roof is flat, it isn’t safe to wander around up there.

How do you scare away nesting birds?

Hang wind chimes or scare tape. The movement and sound of wind chimes, especially if they’re made from metal or other shiny materials, will act to deter a bird from a potential nesting spot. Holographic scare tape works in the same way.

How do I get rid of birds nest permanently?

MacMurchy suggests discarding the nest by tying it in a bag and placing it in a trash can away from household pets or animals prowling the neighborhood. If possible, add the discarded nest to a compost pile. Nesting material will naturally decompose or may even be reused by other nesting birds.