how to get birds out of a garage

Birds can easily fly into a garage with its door wide open, but they dont always find their way out. Most wild birds are protected by federal and state laws, and so they must be removed humanely, without injuring the birds or putting yourself in danger. Birds naturally fly upward to escape the garage rather than returning to the open door, but you can lure or catch them without injury and release them outside. Remain calm and speak softly so you dont frighten the birds, which will only cause them to fly around the garage more frantically.

Why Birds Enter a Garage

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Inside your garage, birds might look for a place to nest or be drawn to food. When they enter the garage, hummingbirds, bluebirds, and other songbirds may see light coming through a window or a crack on the other side and attempt to fly through the structure. They could also see the garage as a secure place to make their nests. Woodpeckers may search for a place to nest and drum on the garage’s exterior.

how to get birds out of a garage

how to get birds out of a garage

how to get birds out of a garage

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Hummingbirds are attracted to bright colors and light. By arranging bright red objects in a row that these tiny birds can follow to the garage door, you might be able to entice them there. For instance, while the garage door is open, position one bright red object on top of a car inside the garage, another red object a few feet above the floor, and a third red object directly outside the door in the full sun. Try to make the garage as dark as possible so that the only source of light is the open door, which is where you want to entice the birds.

Leave Them Alone Awhile

Apart from owls and other nocturnal animals, birds are active during the day. Shut off the lights in the garage, shut all of the doors, cover the windows if you can, and then spend about 30 minutes outside. The birds in the garage might find another spot to roost or sleep, or they might just settle on the floor. When you get back to the garage, carefully and softly open the door. If you spot the birds, you might be able to gently catch them in a basket or blanket before releasing them outside.

What Are My Removal Options?

You really do have a lot of options when it comes to getting rid of birds from your garage. Regretfully, there are numerous choices available because there is no absolute assurance. Let’s take a look below at what our options are.

  • Make a new opening by simply opening the windows or the garage door, then watch for the bird to take off. Should the bird be hurt, you might think about tending to its needs. Make sure to turn off the lights when you open your garage door because the natural light will draw birds to the area outside your home.
  • Trap and Catch: If you’re feeling daring, you could try to catch the bird in a trap. First, ensure the bird is comfortable by shutting off all lights and openings. The birds will be less stressed and more peaceful in the garage because of its darkness. This puts the bird into relaxed mode. To catch the bird, use a fishing net, a basket, or even your hands. After the bird is safely restrained, take it outside and let it go.
  • Decrease the urge to soar into the garage – Painting the garage will deter a variety of bird species from approaching the structure. To deter smaller birds, you can paint an image of a dog, cat, or even an owl on the garage door.
  • Eliminate the nest: In the event that the bird has managed to enter your garage and establish a nest, you will have to take the nest down. Move the nest and any bird eggs inside of it. This will motivate the bird to search for its nest and eggs outside the garage.
  • Feed the birds outside: Place a bird feeder outside the garage to entice birds to take flight and land there. As soon as the bird has taken off, shut the garage door and move any nest that it may have built and left behind.
  • Lure out with bright colors – Birds love bright colors. The colors orange, pink, blue, and red will definitely draw birds to the area outside your garage. Make some colorful boards and set them in your yard outside the garage. The boards will undoubtedly draw birds, who will then take flight towards them. You can keep the birds out by closing the windows and garage door after they have left.
  • Bird repellent: You can either make your own at home or get one from your neighborhood hardware store. In order to give the bird time to react and take off, spray the surrounding area. Never spray the repellent directly at the bird.
  • Use a rake: Hold the rake out to the bird as though it were food. Wait patiently for the bird to hop onto the rake. After that, carefully move the bird and rake outside the garage. Feel free to use some birdseed to entice the bird to join you if it rejects the bait.
  • Cover all openings: Always keep your garage door and windows closed if you don’t want birds to fly into your garage. Keep in mind when birds build their nests so you can make sure you close your windows and doors on time. This removes all possibility that a bird will attempt to fly into your garage.


How do you lure a bird out?

Close Off the Room If there’s no door, you may have to do this by standing in the doorway holding up a sheet or towel to close it off. Turn off any lights to darken the room (and neighboring rooms) as much as possible, which will allow the light of the open window or door to act as a beacon to guide the bird out.

Why are birds flying into my garage?

While birds spend most of their time outdoors, they do need to seek shelter on occasion. In some cases, your garage will make the perfect spot to find refuge from a storm or a predator. It can also be a place where food is readily available.

What to do if you find a birds nest in your garage?

Carefully inspect the nest to make sure it is empty of eggs and birds. Spray the nest with an antibacterial spray. Once dry, remove the nest and dispose of it in a securely sealed container or exterior trash bag. Dispose of it in the trash away from the home.