how to get bird catcher in hooked inc

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In the game Hooked Inc., you can catch seagulls, which are uncommon creatures. It implies that if you manage to catch them, you’ll get a ton of resources. However, since seagulls are uncommon and difficult to capture with a standard fishing rod, this task is very difficult to complete. You’ll need to obtain a certain item in Hooked Inc. in order to be able to catch seagulls. It is called Bird Catcher.

In Hooked Inc., Bird Catcher is a unique tool that resembles a slingshot. This product will enable you to capture various birds. The item can be upgraded to increase its effectiveness; it has ten levels. You must equip your bird catcher and wait for the gulls to fly over your ship in order to capture them. They look like birds with white models and orange beaks.

Lion Studios created the intriguing mobile game Hooked Inc. for iOS and Android platforms. There, you’ll have to train to be a true fisherman who can swim to various seas and capture a variety of marine life. These comprise a variety of fish and other creatures, but some of the hardest to catch are those that live in the skies. We are referring to seagulls, which can be very bothersome when attempting to capture them. In Hooked Inc., this guide will teach you how to catch seagulls.


How do you catch the birds in Hooked Inc?

Template:Infobox characterThe Seagull is a rare encounter that can only be caught while the Bird Catcher item is equipped. It grants two stars upon first being caught. All that is required to catch a seagull is to have the Bird catcher item equipped and simply swipe the birds as they fly by.

How do I get more fishing experience in Hooked Inc?

You can increase the amount of fish you catch by x4 times only by combining the buoys. You only catch one fish, but it is caught by 4 things (your swipe and 3 buoys) which the game processes as 4 catches. This increases your fishing xp gain by 4 times but its not the end of it.