how to fix a leaking bird bath

My yard has been busy with a lot of bird activity lately! It’s wonderful to see & hear the birds so I felt I should offer them a spa. I really needed to ‘reno’ their bathing facility. If you’re thinking the same, here’s; how to fix (resurface) a Concrete Birdbath.

Adding the Leaf Textures:

This concrete Bird bath is quite large so I needed a few leaves together. I quickly smeared enough of the Rapidset Cementall concrete mixture (about consistency of peanut butter) to allow my to push the leaf into the surface. Since the bowl was still quite thick (no cracks or leak ) I only needed enough to get a good coverage for the leaf.

Remember that the stem veins are the thickest portion of the leaf. They will make quite deep details in the concrete. Do not worry about overlaps as long as there isn’t concrete on top of the leaves because they will be removed after the curing process.

Which Concrete (Cement) Should I use?

Make sure the existing concrete is thoroughly moistened before adding any new concrete to resurface it. It will “suck” the moisture out of the new mix like a sponge if it isn’t, which increases the likelihood that the adhesion and curing won’t work. I keep a spray bottle near by.

The commercial mix I like to use is Rapidset Cementall. It is not a typical mix, is very dense and will not absorb water as much as a sand-mix. To create a bond no extra bonding agents are needed. The particles are much finer and therefore the finish is quite smooth, almost not concrete-like.

This post will assist if you are new to concrete crafting.

Since this mix will start to stiffen very quickly I tend to work small sections at a time. If you are hoping for more working time there is a product to slow the setting called Set Control. Using extra cold water will help a little as well, as warm water (and weather) will make it cure faster.

I have a concrete tiered bird foutain/bath. It has a leak somewhere near the bottom. I can identify the location, but I can’t see any holes or cracks. I need something non-toxic to paint the outside. Can I use something waterproof? Will that stop the leak? Sponsored.


Can you use Flex Seal on a bird bath?

Flex Seal Liquid works great on cinderblocks, in particular. Whether it’s a non-bearing wall, bird bath, or any other place where cinderblocks are present, Flex Seal Liquid seeps in and seals off the material to keep your area safe, clean, and protected.

What is a safe sealant for bird baths?

The Wear-Tek 4400 is a durable coating that will not delaminate, peel or yellow since it is extremely UV resistant. It will also make organic growth easy to clean and will keep water from seeping through the concrete itself. Once cured the coating is safe and non-toxic for wildlife and birds.

What can I use to seal a concrete bird bath?

Come springtime, you will notice cracks on the concrete bird bath. A leaking bird bath is not ideal for the birds, but not to worry there is an easy solution. You can prevent those unsightly cracks and the mold and mildew buildup with DRYLOK® Masonry Waterproofer.