how to draw a robin bird easy

How to Draw a Robin – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Lets draw a Robin. A very small bird you may have seen before. Start with the beak by drawing two small triangles.

Step 2: Draw the robin’s head by drawing a single, straight line from the beak’s bottom. Subsequently, outline the top of the head with a curving line.

Step 3: Now draw the eyes. Draw a circle first, and then inside the circle, draw the shape of an almond.

Step 4: To create the chest and stomach, draw a long, rounded line from the neck down to the body. Now, draw a second line along the Robin’s backside, meeting at a point at the bottom. This bird is incredibly tiny—its length is only approximately 14 cm!

Step 5: Now lets draw the wing. Draw an arc starting at the neck to begin. Next, a long, curved line that meets at the tail and a tiny loop The Robin can fly up to 29 km/h and has a wingspan of up to 22 cm.

Step 6: Draw two curved lines down that end in a round tip to add the tail feathers.

Step 7: Draw two parallel lines that are straight down for the first leg. Them add the toes by making small tube shapes. Create tiny triangles to represent the sharp little claws at the tips of the toes.

Step 8: Apply the same method you used for the first leg to the second leg. Your robin is completed! Robins are available in various colors, such as orange and red.

Follow the video tutorial below to learn how to draw this American Robin step-by-step. You can pause the video after each step to work at your own pace. The detailed drawings below the video might be easier for you to follow. Each step’s new lines are indicated in red so you can see exactly what to draw next. You might want to use both drawing techniques and view the video in a new tab. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

Step 1: Sketch a circle to serve as a model for the robin’s upper body. To start, draw four tiny marks to represent the height and width of the circle. Then connect the marks using curved lines. Start with a light sketch so that it can be easily erased if something goes wrong. If you’re having trouble drawing the circle, try tracing the outside edge of a tiny circular object, such as a coin or a lid. Check out this tutorial: Four easy ways to draw a circle for a more thorough explanation of the various methods.

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