how to draw a roadrunner bird

How to Draw a Greater Roadrunner – Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Add the pointed beak after sketching the head’s shape.

Step 2: Sketch the beak’s mouth and draw its eyes, face, and upper feathers.

Step 3: Sketch two curved lines, one for the belly and one for the back, at the base of the neck.

Step 4: Draw a curve now, and gradually advance to the angular lines that will serve as your larger roadrunner’s wings.

Step 5: Add more detail to the wings. See the distinct patterns? Try out a few different shapes.

Step 6: Draw the long tail behind the roadrunner.

Step 7: Now draw the feet. The greater roadrunner can travel up to 20 miles per hour, in case you weren’t aware.

Use the following video tutorial to draw a Roadrunner step-by-step. You can pause the video after each step and work at your own pace. The detailed drawings below the video might be easier for you to follow. Each step’s new lines are indicated in red so you can see exactly what to draw next. You might want to use both drawing techniques and view the video in a new tab. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

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Step 1: To illustrate the first portion of the roadrunner’s body, draw a circle. To start, draw four tiny marks to represent the height and width of the circle. Then connect the marks using curved lines. Trace the outer rim of a small lid, a coin, or any other object with a circular edge if you’re having trouble drawing the circle. Check out this tutorial: Four easy ways to draw a circle for a more thorough explanation of the various methods.

Step 2: Make a tiny mark to the left of the circle to serve as a guide for the front portion of the bird’s body. Using a few curved lines, join the circle to the mark to create an arc. Using the same method for the roadrunner’s back, draw a shorter, wider arc on the right side.


Is a roadrunner faster than a coyote?

While Looney Tunes’ cartoon roadrunner might have been able to out-run the coyote every time, real-life roadrunners aren’t so lucky. Coyotes can out-pace roadrunners substantially, clocking up to ~43 miles per hour, compared to the roadrunners ~20 miles per hour.

Is roadrunner a male or female?

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What does a female roadrunner look like?

A crest of brown feathers sticks up on the head, and a bare patch of orange and blue skin lies behind each eye; the blue is replaced by white in adult males (except the blue adjacent to the eye), and the orange (to the rear) is often hidden by feathers. Males and females have identical plumage.