how to draw a bird in python turtle

In this lesson, we are going to be creating a simple “Flappy Bird” game using Python Turtle. Whether you are new to Python or have some prior experience, this project is a great way to learn more about making games and apply your knowledge in a practical and fun way.

Step 3: Code the Draw Function

It’s time to create the draw function now that the tap and inside functions are finished. This feature is in charge of ensuring that the player and obstacles are positioned correctly. Additionally, based on whether the player collides with any obstacles, it will turn the player’s bird from green to red. To begin, type the following to establish the draw function and make sure the game screen is clear for us to position the bird on:

The next step is to write an if-statement to determine if the player’s bird is “alive” or has encountered an obstacle. To do this, the code will be:

how to draw a bird in python turtle

Step 1: Set up Libraries, Variables, and Lists:

To commence the project, the first task will be to import all the libraries and modules that will be utilized. The player’s bird and obstacles will be moved with the assistance of the freegames library, the random module to generate random obstacle coordinates, and the Turtle module for graphics. To do this, let’s type:

The “bird” must then be configured as a vector with two values set to 0. By doing this, the bird will begin in the center of the screen. Next, we’ll simply create a list named “balls”. This is where the obstacles that players must avoid will be stored. Once this step is done, the code should be:

What Will We Learn?

The goal of this project is to run the game by continuously determining whether the player has collided with any obstacles using booleans. In order to move the ball upward and avoid the obstacles, the player will click on the game screen. Let’s get started, this game is easy enough for beginner and intermediate programmers to create and is fun!

There are a few ideas we must bear in mind while developing the game:

  • The player can click to move the ball upwards
  • The ball will fall toward the bottom of the screen if the player doesn’t click.
  • If the player hits an obstacle the game stops
  • The obstacles ought to appear at random and travel across the screen to the left.

how to draw a bird in python turtle

This project can be broken down into 4 main steps:

  • Set up libraries, variables, and lists
  • Create the tap and inside functions
  • Create the draw function
  • Create the move function
  • Write the final setup code


What shapes can Python turtle draw?

Every turtle can have its own shape. The ones available “out of the box” are arrow , blank , circle , classic , square , triangle , turtle .