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Final Fantasy with feathers

The game series Angry Birds is growing much faster than a piece of catapult elastic. Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds Star Wars expanded upon the simple bird-hurling physics game that was first introduced in the original Angry Birds game.

But Rovio is expanding the game universe even further, by diversifying into other game genres. It started with the kart-game romp, Angry Birds Go! and now, in Angry Birds Epic the characters make the leap into the turn-based RPG combat world.

In the adventure game Angry Birds Epic, you take control of the well-known birds and have to defeat numerous evil piggies in a medieval setting.

Using magic potions, upgrading your bird to become an ultimate warrior, and arming yourself with weapons and armor are all necessary to advance through each level of Angry Birds Epic. Through the crafting system, you can assemble armor and weapons from objects you find throughout the game. Similar sections are dedicated to alchemy and potion-making, where you can create items that will aid in defeating your enemies. You should concentrate on upgrading your characters as you go.

Turn-based combat in Angry Birds Epic is akin to that of games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or Pokémon. In other words, only one character can take action at a time, selecting whether to attack, defend, employ a special ability, apply a potion, etc.

The battle gameplay is entertaining, but I thought the game’s narrative could have used more focus. The recently soft-launched Angry Birds Epic does not feel like an engaging adventure where you have to keep playing to find out what will happen next, but rather like a collection of battles that have been pieced together in an attempt to create a story.

It eventually reaches a point where grinding—replaying levels repeatedly—becomes essential to advance in order to obtain the necessary materials to craft items, the right ingredients to make health potions, and armor robust enough to withstand the increasingly vile and grumpy opposition.

Angry Birds Epic does not currently have online multiplayer modes, and it is surprisingly lacking in Facebook or social integration for a Rovio game.

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Why is Angry Birds Epic not on the App Store?

The game was removed from App Store and Google Play in 2019 with all other Angry Birds games released before Angry Birds Transformers (with the exception of Angry Birds Friends).

Can you download Angry Birds Go on iOS?

Angry Birds Go! for iPhone – Download.