how to do the gem bird puzzle

What are Gem Birds in Stardew Valley?

how to do the gem bird puzzle

When it rains on Ginger Island, brightly colored birds known as “gem birds” emerge. Gem Birds can exist in five different forms: red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. When the player approaches these birds, which can be found in one of Ginger Island’s four locations, they will drop a gem of the same color:

  • Red: Ruby
  • Blue: Aquamarine
  • Green: Emerald
  • Yellow: Topaz
  • Purple: Amethyst

Before attempting this puzzle, players should speak with Stardew Valleys Leo and explore more of the island because the birds can appear in a number of locations. A Gem Bird can be found by players in any of the following locations when it’s pouring on the island:

  • The Southern section of the island (northwest of the dock)
  • The middle region close to the path is the Eastern part of the island.
  • The island’s northern region, located northeast of the Island Trader
  • The Western section of the island (east of the pond)

The location of a Gem Bird is connected to a pedestal in a secret area of the island close to Leo’s Stardew Valley home. It is quicker to use a Rain Totem on Ginger Island to summon the Gem Birds than to wait for frequent downpours.

What is every possible combination for the gem birds?

  • For the gem birds, I need a table or something with every known combination. I’m not sure how to do it, but I’d do it myself. So, wise people of GameFAQs, go ahead and do it!
  • You must be on the island when it is raining in order to solve the puzzle. There are four locations where the five gem birds can appear. The four spots are as follows: the bottom gem is northwest of the dock; the right gem is in the middle, close to the path outside the hut; and so on. The bird that appears in each of those areas indicates which gem you use: Red, Ruby, Blue, Aquamarine, Green, Emerald, Yellow, Topaz, Purple, Amethyst. Therefore, you must place each corresponding gem in the appropriate stand. The top gem is located northeast of the Island Trader, and the left gem is located east of the pond. GunMage_Author – 1 year ago – report 3 17 .
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Is there only one gem bird per rainy day?

No, you get one bird and one gem each rainy day. However, you can bring gems with you to Ginger Island and try different combinations on each of the four pedestals to get the walnuts.