how to do the dirty bird

We will teach you how to do The Dirty Bird dance, for those of you who dont know how, and if you already know, you better start dancing because were going to the Super Bowl!

Since its been almost 18 years since the Falcons participated in the Super Bowl, we thought it would only make sense for us to refresh our fans, and our new fans, memories on the all too famous The Dirty Bird dance.

For those fans who already know how to do it, great, but for those who may have forgotten or for those new fans who dont know how to do it, we are going to teach you.

18-year-old Devyne Agapito, from Dance 411 Studios in Atlanta, graciously took time out of his busy schedule to join us here at the studio to teach us how to do The Dirty Bird dance.

The dance originated after Jamal Anderson, former NFL running back, would score a touchdown during games.

Anderson would bounce from one foot to the other, his arms are in a right angle and he would pull up and down and then in and out, and it would end with him flapping his arms like a Dirty Bird.

During the 1998-1999 season, the Falcons were literally soaring with a record 14-2 in the regular season, an NFC West title, and an NFC Championship win. They had a lot to dance about.

That was the season when The Dirty Bird was born. Anderson, along with tight end O.J. Santiago, popularized the dance and brought more attention to our Atlanta Falcons.

Fans and even players from other teams were catching on to the trend and doing The Dirty Bird dance after scoring a touchdown.

Anderson played for the Falcons for eight years before it ended after tearing his ACL in 2001.

Credit: AJC fileDan Reeves, the coach of the Atlanta Falcons, gives players Jamal Anderson and Ray Buchanan the dirty bird after the Falcons defeat Minnesota in the NFC Championship game on January 17, 1999 in Minneapolis, Minn.

Prior to the Falcons’ 1999 Super Bowl debut, The Atlanta Constitution—now known as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution—also released the following useful graphic:

“Its ‘The Dirty Bird,’” Falcons tight end O. J. Following a 1998 victory over the New England Patriots, Santiago provided an explanation to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I have to acknowledge that Jamal made the dance, but I thought of the name.” Prior to beginning to flap your wings, you raise the roof first [with palms facing the sky] and cock them [with thumbs in armpits]. ”.

The joyous touchdown dance known as the “Dirty Bird” was made popular by Atlanta Falcons running back Jamal Anderson. Anderson made the dance popular during the 1998 Falcons Super Bowl run.

Next month, the Falcons will make their second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history, bringing them back into the public eye. The Falcons will face the Patriots Sunday, Feb. 5 in Houston.

The former NFL running back Jamal Anderson’s touchdowns during games gave rise to the dance.

We felt it only made sense to relive the memories of the all-too-famous “The Dirty Bird dance” for our fans and new fans, as it has been nearly eighteen years since the Falcons took part in the Super Bowl.

For those of you who have never done the Dirty Bird dance before, we will teach you the moves. If you are a pro, you should start dancing because we are going to the Super Bowl!

With an NFC West championship, an NFC Championship win, and a record of 14-2 in the regular season, the Falcons were practically soaring during the 1998–1999 campaign. They had a lot to dance about.

18-year-old Devyne Agapito, from Dance 411 Studios in Atlanta, graciously took time out of his busy schedule to join us here at the studio to teach us how to do The Dirty Bird dance.


Why do they call it the dirty bird?

Initially, ‘The Dirty Bird’ began as the name for All Pro RB Jamaal Anderson’s elaborate TD celebration that mimicked a bird flapping its wings. And eventually it morphed into ‘The Dirty Birds,’ as an affectionate phrase many used when talking about the team as a whole.

Who invented the dirty bird dance?

When O.J. Santiago scored one of his two touchdowns that game, he did a celebration dance, with bird sound effects and all. Santiago entered the locker room after the win and asked, “How about them Dirty Birds?” The legendary dance was officially born.

Who used to do the dirty bird?

Atlanta Falcons Anderson was well known for his “Dirty Bird” touchdown celebration, in which he flapped his arms as if they were wings and rhythmically bouncing side to side. The dance has been widely copied; in a press conference Anderson stated, “people break out and do the Dirty Bird in the strangest places.”