how to do the bird in the mountains

How To Start The Bird In The Mountains Shrine Quest

how to do the bird in the mountains

Talking to Molli, a Rito child in Rito Village, will start the Bird in the Mountains Shrine Quest. She is located close to the top of the village, at the edge of a platform.

She will be facing the Hebra Mountains before you speak with her, giving you a hint as to where you need to go next to finish this quest.

She would like to share with Link what her grandfather discovered while scouting the area. She describes him ascending a large mountain, coming to a stop beside a large tree, and then turning to face northwest to spot a massive snow-white bird with something in its belly.

Molli will then direct you to the aforementioned tree, which is tall on top of Talonto Peak.

Begin the Quest

A young Rito named Molli is sitting at the edge of a platform in Rito Village, heading in the direction of the Hebra Mountains. During their initial conversation, she will share a story about her grandfather with Link. Once, when her grandfather reached the summit of a large mountain and turned to face the northwest, he noticed a massive snow-white birdie. [1] Mollis’s grandfather did something noteworthy in the Northwest, but he can’t recall what it was. She does recall that he had visited the Talonto Peak, which is part of the Hebra Mountains. [2].

Molli is pointing to a tree atop Talonto Peak. Go to the summit, but be advised that the Hebra Mountains are extremely cold. Link should wear the Snowquill Set since it will provide Link with Cold Resistance.

Link notices the top of the Biron Snowshelf, which resembles a bird, when he looks northwest from the tree. Link can jump off the peak and glide straight northwest from here. Through a cave in the cliff’s side, he can see the shrine as he glides. Link can finish the quest by climbing into the cave to reach the Mozo Shenno Shrine when he reaches the cliff.

Finding and finishing the shrine before ever conversing with Molli at Rito Village is quite possible. In the event that this occurs, Link will receive and finish the shrine quest simultaneously with his initial conversation with Molli.