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Pop Culture[]

In Street Fighter 6 World Tour mode, Chun-Li claims that the move her father taught her was called the “Revolving Crane Kick,” implying that Chun-Li changed the name after she adopted it for herself. The attack’s original Kanji/Chinese writing, Kaitenteki Kakukyakushu (回転的鶴脚蹴, Kaitenteki Kakukyakushū?), is referenced in this way. “Rotating Crane Leg Kick”).


Chun-Li leaps up, turns around, and performs a split (she began the move with a fast handstand to get into position prior to Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike; since then, she has started propelling herself from her feet) She then spins her legs like helicopter blades to attack. It is comparable to Ryu and Ken’s Tatsumaki Senpukyaku in that Chun-Li’s feet will strike the opponent in the face repeatedly until the attack is over if they are standing (some versions can be easily ducked under due to how high Chun-Li is off the ground). As demonstrated above, the controller input is dependent upon the game Chun-Li was playing. Chun-Li is able to execute this move in the air in a select few games.

The EX Special version, which debuted in Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike and Street Fighter V, is more of an anti-air reversal attack since it stays stationary and doesn’t move forward like a Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku. The opponent will be drawn into a vacuum-like effect for additional hits if they are standing just close enough to be struck by the move. Certain games (like Capcom vs. Super Move’s Super Move version) This version is commonly known as the “Spinning Hornet Kick” (SNK for EX Chun-Li). It also appears in both Marvel vs. Chun-Li must hold the downward direction portion of the input to “charge” the attack before releasing the subsequent motion segments in Capcom 3 and Infinite.

This attack serves as both her Cross Cancel and attack in Street Fighter X Tekken. It is regarded as one of the best in the game because Chun cannot switch sides while using it, it is safe to block, it gives a free tag when it hits, and it works extremely well with her EX Spinning Bird kick/Roll/Back Dash. Because of this, Chun is among the most difficult characters in the game to control. The sole drawback is that, although it can detect and recover from attacks more quickly than the standard EX version, it is susceptible to the same Safe Jump timing exploits.

One can perform a Spinning Bird Kick, which involves leaping forward, in certain versions of Street Fighter II [2].

In Marvel vs. In Capcom: Infinite, Chun-Li executes a brand-new follow-up move known as the Hajinkyaku (馇人芚, Hajinkyaku?, Champion Leg), in which she recovers from the attack’s spinning momentum by kicking her leading leg backwards through the air.

As a combo ender for Chun-Li in Street Fighter 5, the version of Spinning Bird Kick typically gives the player more damage and better okizeme than Hyakurestsukyaku. Her Spinning Bird Kick in EX form is motionless and stationary. However, Chun-Lis uses it as a reversal to deflect her opponents.

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0xraytech0 14 years ago#1If you are reading this, we are going to assume that you have a basic understanding of Chun Li. If you dont, Google is your friend. In my first installment, we will discuss what Im probably best known for. Chun Lis Spinning Bird Kick or SBK. Those who have played against me, know that I use SBK a lot. Some will say that I use it to much. Well I have to admit that SBK forms the basis of my strategy. I use it as a means of retreating, advancing and evading an opponents attack. On top of that, as an added bonus it fills my Super Meter crazy fast. Retreating Simply jump away from your opponent and perform the command. You can start SBK anywhere along the jump arc. The longer you wait to perform the command the further away you will travel from your opponent. I use it after finishing a combo or at the end of a Super. Advancing SBK can be used to hop over projectiles and as Anti-air. To hop over projectiles, an easy way to gauge when to SBK is to “Listen”. If you are a full screen away from your opponent, start SBK as soon as you hear your opponents character say “Sonic Boom” or “Hadouken”. Please note that the closer you are to your opponent, your time to react shortens. Also you have to factor in the speed of the projectile. The faster the projectile, youll probably get hit before you leave the ground. The Slower the projectile, youll probably get hit before you land. So adjust your timing accordingly. SBK can also serve as Anti-Air but with one catch. SBK takes some time to get off the ground so your opponent has to start his jump some distance away from you, about the length of one full jump. So SBK against Cross-up attacks will not work. Evading Serves the same purpose as a Retreating SBK but used to evade attacks from your opponent. Works well against torpedo like attacks. You basically execute a Retreating SBK right when your opponent starts his torpedo. If done correctly your opponent will completely miss you and youll either land in front, on top, or behind your opponent. A this point you can follow with a throw. An Evading SBK works exceptionally well against opponents who spammed projectiles “he he he >=)”. Those who have played me know this is my favorite move in Street Fighter. When you come across a spam happy opponent, what do you do? Well if youre playing Chun Li, you spam right back at him. But not with her Kikouken but with her SBK. Once again its a Retreating SBK but executed right before the projectile hits you. What happens is your SBK will hover for about 2 seconds in the upper corner of the screen while the projectile travels under you. SWEET!!! And get this, just like Chun Lis Kikouken, you can spam her SBK. While in the air you can charge for the next SBK. If timed correctly you can do this until the cows come home or until your opponents realizes spam is not working. Man!!! With that many SBKs I must have a full Super Meter. =D But lets leave that for the next installment. Chun Li, The First Lady of Fighters GT = THE II BUTTON
esmuc30 14 years ago#2Thats good stuff, but I find that the SBK has too much recovery to use quite that much. In Super SF2 the SBK was a great AA, lots of inv. on start up and a large hit-box, in ST / HDR your better off using her upkicks, it is a lot more consistant. Using SBK over fireballs opens you up to getting tripped as you land, unless you you are close enough to hit them, but then youre better off just jumping in or crossing-up and doing a combo. SBK does very nice damage when used to juggle after a Super, but to get it to hit you have to be at the excact right distance from the corner, hard to set up in a real match, so i usually just tack on the upkicks at the end of the super. I usually use the Kikkoken, Lightning Legs, Kikkoken, LL, Kikkoken, etc. method of building meter, a lot more boring but safer. I like your method of using the reverse SBK in the corner to evade fireballs, I never thought of that! Very cool idea. Looking forward to the next chapter (Ill have to look for your Chun online, I dont think Ive played you yet). XBL: mad possum PSN: madpossum GGPO: madpossum
0xraytech0 14 years ago#3@esmuc30 Very good points. Like I said before. The title says “Guide” but its more editorial. And this “Guide” is open for interpretation and revision. Any more suggestions out there? Chun Li, The First Lady of Fighters GT = THE II BUTTON
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What is the name of Chun-Li’s spinning kick?

The Spinning Bird Kick (スピニングバードキック, Supiningu Bādo Kikku?), also known as Kaitenteki Kakukyakushu (回転的鶴脚蹴, Kaitenteki Kakukyakushū?, lit. “Rotating Target Crane Leg Kick”) is one of Chun-Li’s original attacks in the Street Fighter II series.

How to do spinning bird kick modern controls?

Spinning Bird Kick is not listed in Chun-Li’s Modern Command List but can still be performed manually by charging Down, then pressing Up + any Attack button. Here is a list of Chun-Li’s moves from his Classic control scheme and their equivalent in Modern control mode.