how to do bird farm elden ring

Runes serve an important purpose in Elden Ring, but they can be tough to get. Heres where players can farm Runes.

Improving your character in Elden Ring could be much easier if you find the giant bird in the Rune farm of Mohgwyn Palace, after all leveling up your character in Elden Ring gets harder and harder as you progress in the game, as every new level requires more Runes than before. It wont take you long until you realize that every level-up requires tens of thousands of Runes, and killing the low-level enemies will not help all too much.

So, you either need to go and fight against tough enemies and bosses, or you can simply find a Rune farm! There are a number of Rune farms in Elden Ring that reward you with a good amount, but the one in Mohgwyn Palace is definitely the biggest Rune farm in the game so far! Here is how to find it.

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I’ve now seen a number of comments regarding ways to make sure the bird actually descends and doesn’t just stop at the cliff’s edge. Additionally, many of them discuss standing in certain locations, which is ineffective and completely unnecessary (I have no idea how consistent it is).

For those who are unaware, there is currently a straightforward method for farming runes: walk up to the cliff from the Palace Approach Ledge-Road grace, shoot an arrow at the bird below, and repeat. When it dies, it will drop roughly 13,000 runes.

After shooting the arrow, turn your camera around immediately. Look at the grace; the bird shouldn’t be in close proximity to your screen. You can wait for your HUD to appear as verification that you’ve hit the bird, but hitting it should be simple in any case. This is all that is required of you; if you move quickly enough, the chicken will jump the cliff 10% of the time. Well, like 95% actually in my experience.

All I can offer you is a semi-educated guess: The engine From Software uses has a feature commonly referred to as “Omission Mode”. Simply put, several optimizations will be applied to enemies that arent on screen. Among those their position will be updated less regularly. I suspect this could cause the chicken to skip over the area at the ledge that tells the AI to turn around. That, or the turning animation simply wont play in omission mode.

Elden Ring Giant Bird Rune Farm Location

how to do bird farm elden ring

As previously stated, there are two ways to get to Mohgwyn Palace, where this rune farm is situated. Through a portal, you can easily access Mohgwyn Palace if you’ve advanced far enough in the game and have already unlocked the Mountaintops of the Giants. All you have to do is go to the designated spot on the map below to discover a portal. Once you pass through the portal, you will come across a boss in a passage. Ignore it and carry on until you arrive at Mohgwyn Palace.

There is still a path to the palace if you haven’t yet arrived at Mountaintops of the Giants, but you must first overcome Godrick, the Grafted. He is the second campaign boss at Stormveil Castle. Once you have vanquished him, you must initiate the White-Faced Varre quest. He is the same NPC that you first spoke with when you arrived in Limgrave at the start of the game. Yes, the one who referred to you as “Maidenless!” Following his victory over Godrick, he will be at Liurnia the Lakes’ Rose Church.

Talking to him will award you with three Bloody Fingers. Utilize them all to triple-attack other players’ worlds. It doesnt matter if you kill your opponents or die. Return to Varre now and have another conversation with him. He’ll give you a cloth and instruct you to soak it in the blood of a maiden. You should go to Four Belfiries in Liurnia of the Lakes for this. There are a number of shrines in this area. Proceed to the final shrine located at the summit of the village. Take the Imbued Sword Key out of the chest in front of it.

how to do bird farm elden ring

Return now to the shrine that is directly in front of the one you are at. The portal will open when you use the Imbued key on the Imbued statue. You can access the starting area of the game by traveling through the portal. Once you eliminate a boss, proceed towards the interior of the church. There’s a corpse to the left as soon as you enter the church. Take the cloth back to Varre at Rose Church after soaking it in that blood.

Repeatedly speak with Varre will grant you the Pureblood Knights Medal. After using the medal, Mohgwyn Palace will be where you spawn.


How do you get a Four-Toed Fowl Foot?

Out of three ingredients required to craft the Pickled Fowl Feet in Elden Ring, the Four-Toed Fowl Foot can be the most challenging to procure since the item is only obtained from mob drops, specifically the penguin-shaped Guillemot and Eagles.

How do I get to farming Elden Ring?

You’ll head East through a forest and into a canyon heading south with what looks like a river of blood running through it. Follow the path uphill, past a lot of figures in rags sitting on the floor and you should reach a Site of Grace. Activate it, rest and you’ll be ready to start farming.