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  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/1/1d/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-10-Version-3. jpg/v4-460px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-10-Version-3. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/1/1d/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-10-Version-3. jpg/v4-728px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-10-Version-3. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 1 Know your birds. As you advance, you’ll find new birds with various skills. These birds each have unique abilities that can be applied strategically. Know what each bird does and how to use them. The following are the various bird species and their respective abilities: [1] Red bird: This bird is simply called Red. The red bird in the first Angry Birds game lacked any unique powers. When you tap the screen in Angry Birds 2, the red bird lets out a war cry that destroys buildings in front of it. Blue bird: This bird is Blues. When you tap the screen, three tiny birds that are spreading out to fly appear. This bird is best for breaking glass. Yellow bird: This bird is named Chuck. Tapping the screen gives this bird a speed boost. This increases the bird’s force and slightly lengthens its flight path. This bird works best on wood. Black bird: This bird is called Bomb. This bird explodes when you tap the screen. When it comes into contact with an obstruction, it will burst into flames. This bird works best on stone. Instead of blowing up, the Short Fuse update sends out a lethal shockwave that electrocutes neighboring pigs. White bird: This bird is Matilda. Tap the screen and she will drop an explosive egg. If executed correctly, the corpse will fly off and might possibly inflict more harm. This bird also works best on stone. Green bird: This bird is named Hal. If you tap the screen, it will fly backwards like a boomerang. Big red bird: This bird is named Terrance. Like the red bird, but larger and more formidable Orange Bird: This bird is named Bubbles. When you tap the screen, it expands from a tiny beginning to a large size. Pink bird: This bird is named Stella. She levitates objects with bubbles when you tap the screen. Use her to disrupt the bottoms of tall towers. Silver: Angry Birds 2 introduced Silver as a new bird. It is silver or grey colored. When you tap the screen, Silver performs a loop before diving bombing straight downwards.
  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/2/25/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-11-Version-3. jpg/v4-460px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-11-Version-3. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/2/25/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-11-Version-3. jpg/v4-728px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-11-Version-3. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 2 Observe the entire level. Look at the entire stage clearly before launching your feathered army. See how many pigs are there. Check for a structure’s weak points. Consider the challenges the pigs face before rushing through a stage in order to complete it.
  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/5/51/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-12-Version-3. jpg/v4-460px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-12-Version-3. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/5/51/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-12-Version-3. jpg/v4-728px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-12-Version-3. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 3 Know where to attack. Instead of going straight after the pigs, attack them through the surroundings and structures. If there is a tower containing many pigs, locate a weak point (such as wood, glass, or explosives) that you can use to bring down the tower and eliminate the pigs all at once. Look for ways to take out multiple pigs at once.
  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/4/41/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-13-Version-3. jpg/v4-460px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-13-Version-3. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/4/41/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-13-Version-3. jpg/v4-728px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-13-Version-3. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 4 Watch out for explosives. Angry Birds stages typically contain dynamite crates or TNTs. You can use these explosives effectively because, when detonated, they can remove obstructions. These TNTs are placed so that, when struck, their effects on the environment can be felt. When destroying an obstacle that seems insurmountable by birds alone, think about using TNT. Boulders or other explosives are typically placed close to explosives to maximize the damage to nearby structures. If so, you probably need to target this TNT in order to get past a certain stage.
  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/5/5c/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-14. jpg/v4-460px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-14. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/5/5c/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-14. jpg/v4-728px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-14. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 5 Use the trajectory guide. One of your birds will leave a trajectory line when it is launched. This trajectory line can be used to determine the exact direction in which to launch your next bird. Making every bird land on the target you’re aiming for is made possible by this.
  • {“smallUrl”:”https://www. wikihow. com/s/thumb/f/f2/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-15. jpg/v4-460px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-15. jpg”,”bigUrl”:”/s/thumb/f/f2/Play-Angry-Birds-Step-15. jpg/v4-728px-Play-Angry-Birds-Step-15. jpg”,”smallWidth”:460,”smallHeight”:345,”bigWidth”:728,”bigHeight”:546,”licensing”:”License: Fair Use</a> (screenshot) </p></div>”} 6 Try again. You most likely won’t be able to complete every level in a single attempt. You don’t always succeed, especially in the game’s later phases. If this happens, don’t lose heart and try again. The number of times you can perform on stage is unlimited. Acknowledge your error and improve for the subsequent attempt. Sometimes, it’s best to simply press the “Try Again” button to save time when it’s evidently impossible for you to pass the level.
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Things You Should Know

  • The Google Play Store and App Store offer a wide variety of Angry Birds versions.
  • Slingshot the birds and attempt to eliminate every pig in the level.
  • Use special abilities and spells to clear harder levels.


The purpose of this episode is to introduce new players to the game’s birds and power-ups. This episode must be completed before starting the game itself.

Six of the birds—Red, Chuck, Bomb, The Blues, Terence, and Bubbles—are introduced in Levels 1 through 8.

The final level allows the use of all of the birds mentioned above as well as all power-ups to complete the level, with still unlimited use. The following six levels introduce each of the Power-Ups (Sling Scope, Power Potion, King Sling, Birdquake, and Shockwave) and how to use them.

It makes use of an updated Power-Up University backdrop.


What is the angry bird method?

Angry Bird Method is a visual tool used by social counseling or advocates identifying the best individuals to target to promote social change. The role of relationships and networks is very important when advocates seek change in a social justice issue.

How to be good at Angry Birds?

Take your time to aim: In Angry Birds Space, it’s important to take your time to aim your shots carefully, as the game’s physics engine can make shots difficult to predict. You can also use the zoom function to get a better view of the level and plan your shots accordingly.