how to display bird feathers

Feather collection display craft idea. Wondering how to decorate with feathers for fall? Found some feathers and looking for ideas on how to display a collection of feathers? You might love this DIY feather holder idea. Made with leftover materials it is a quick, easy and fun way to display a collection of pretty feathers.

And now the first pinecones and darker browns have sneaked into my decor! Really what more can I say.

This feather holder is a fun way to display a small collection of feathers. It makes for a nice decorative feather display that can be changed quickly and easily.

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How to Make a Make a Feather Holder

Making today’s small feather collection display was a lot of fun. It was easy, rather quick, and used strictly leftover materials. I devised a method to create it using materials I already had in my craft room and garage. I’m confident you’ll have everything you need with a little ingenuity.

how to display bird feathers

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Do you want to know how to make a feather display of your own?

Okay, so this is how to construct your own feather display to showcase your exquisite feather collection.

how to display bird feathers


How do you display found bird feathers?

You can display them in a glass jar or vase. That is a great idea! I like the idea of putting them in a covered clear glass jar!

How do you preserve and display bird feathers?

Storage Environment The ideal pH for feathers is 7, or neutral. Storage in a box or covered container is a good idea because the feathers are protected from dust and light exposure, and a box acts as a buffer during rapid fluctuations of temperature and humidity.

What can I do with feathers I find?

” Feathers are beautiful and remarkable objects. If you find feathers in nature, please appreciate, study, photograph them, and leave them where you found them. Under federal law, it is illegal to take them home. For more information, see FEATHERS AND THE LAW.”