how to deter birds from fence

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Brand MorTime
Color White
Style Classic
Material Plastic
Number of Pieces 12
Is Electric No
Target Species Fly, Cat, Birds, Squirrel
  • Broad Usage: MorTime Bird Deterrent Spikes can be affixed to a variety of surfaces, including fences, railings, roofs, sheds, and terraces. It works well to keep birds and other small animals out of the area.
  • Sturdy: The premium acrylic plastic used to make MorTime Bird Spikes is resistant to weather and tough. The fence spikes have a long lifespan and are resistant to wind, rain, and sunlight.
  • Simple to Install: The bird spikes can be installed in three different ways. Because each bird deterrent spike has multiple screw holes, you can use nails to secure it to a level surface. Alternatively, you could use double-sided tape to glue the bird spikes to the surface or just tie them firmly with a tie.
  • Humanized Bird Spikes: MorTime Bird Spikes provide a stimulus to pigeons, cats, squirrels, and birds, causing them to fly away without causing harm to them. Since MorTime bird deterrent spikes employ plastic rather than glass slag, small animals are not physically harmed by them
  • Broad Coverage: There are twelve packs of bird spikes in the package, each measuring thirteen 2″ long, the total length is 13. 2 FT and width is 1. 7″. Each fence spike has three pliable, separate sections that each measure four 4″, so as to be flexibly used anywhere.

how to deter birds from fence

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how to deter birds from fence

The birds are still there even though I have wire and prikka strips on top.

We enter through this gate the most frequently, and every time we do so, we have to walk over the debris.

Most birds use our back gate as a favorite perch, and when they fly away, they usually leave a gift.


What is the most effective bird deterrent?

Bird Spikes are a simple but effective deterrent for birds. The blunt, harmless spikes thwart birds’ efforts to land without harming them in any way. Spikes can be permanently or temporarily installed.

What can I put outside to keep birds away?

Things to scare birds away Predator statues such as lifelike scarecrows, owls, coyotes, snakes or cats that can be moved around every few days. Shiny objects such as old CDs, foil pans or silver reflective tape. Large colorful balls placed in the garden or from trees will look like eyes to birds. Flashing lights.

What scares all birds away?

Generally speaking, birds hate strong smells, shiny objects, and predators, such as birds of prey and larger animals or humans.