how to defeat bird divine beast

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On the map of Breath of the Wild, Divine Beast Vah Medoh is situated above Rito Village in the northwest corner. Tabantha tower is closest.

You must get ready before setting out on your quest to find the Divine Beast Vah Medoh. And really, being prepared just means having enough arrows and the appropriate armor.

The snowquill armor set is available for purchase at the following store in Rito Village:

  • Snowquill tunic for 600 rupees
  • Snowquill trousers for 550 rupees
  • Snowquill headdress for 1,000 rupees

That’s 2,150 rupees all told. Purchasing this set will allow you to forget about cold climates, even though it isn’t inexpensive. And Divine Beast Vah Medoh involves some of those. Sell your gems and other monster parts if you don’t have enough cash until you do. It’s really that important.

To enhance your new snowquill armor, it’s also a good idea to warp to Taloh Neg shrine, which is close to Kakariko village, and visit the Great Fairy. Wearing all of the snowquill armor will give you a set bonus that will improve your cold resistance in addition to making your armor more powerful.

You’ll need red ChuChu jelly. Simply locate a heated spot on the ground and apply some blue ChuChu jelly if you’re feeling low. Thatll transform it into red ChuChu jelly. (Thanks to Josh Combs, a Polygon reader, who brought to our attention that the original version of this guide recommended placing it in a cooking pot.) Dont do that, unless you want some dubious food. And you probably dont. ).

The final, main terminal

A new glowing point will appear on your map once you interact with each of the five terminals. To reach the lowest floor once more, repeat the previous procedure in reverse. Navigate the hallway and ascend the stairs to reach the summit of Vah Medoh, the Divine Beast. Engage in combat with the central main terminal to initiate the boss battle.

We strongly advise you to do two things before facing the boss: first, make sure you have plenty of bomb arrows (buy some if necessary), and second, prepare Breath of the Wild’s most potent meal to grant yourself up to 20 extra (temporary) hearts.

How to get the Divine Beast Vah Medoh quest

Ascend the stairs to the summit of Rito Village. To begin the main quest of Divine Beast Vah Medoh, speak with Kaneli, the Rito chief. Proceed to the alcove beside Kaneli and have a conversation with Saki. She will direct you to the Flight Range. Take off from the platform directly below Saki’s steps and utilize your paraglider to soar in the direction of the distant flags.

Here, you can either finish the Sha Warvo shrine or simply interact with it to reveal a waypoint.

At the Flight Range, you’ll meet Teba. You only need to use your paraglider and hold ZR to shoot a few targets to finish his quest in order to obtain the falcon bow and 20 bomb arrows. This area also has a swallow bow next to a cooking pot.

He will fly you up to Divine Beast Vah Medoh once he has satisfied Teba. Your behavior at the flight range served as an introduction to this. All you have to do is jump off Teba, aim your bomb arrows at the targets, and hit them.

You should use as few arrows as possible to accomplish this because there isn’t much risk up here. The more bomb arrows you have, the better, as this area’s boss, the Divine Beast Vah Medoh, is vulnerable to them.


How do you get the last terminal in the bird Divine Beast?

When the Malice is gone, tilt the Divine Beast left – and look across the wings from your position for the fourth terminal all the way across. With the Divine Beast tilted as it is, you should be able to glide down to it no problem and activate it.

How do you beat Windblight Ganon?

You can use nearby updrafts to fly over and use the slow motion mid-air attacks with the bow to make it easier to hit your shots. You can do even more damage by getting right under him when he’s low to the ground and swinging away at him with your weapon – though that’ll make it that much easier for him to hit you.

How do I activate Revali’s Gale?

Creates an upward draft that carries you into the sky. Activate by charging jump with x. It can be used three times before it needs 6 minutes to recharge – or 2 if you’re in Hyrule Castle – and you will hear the following announcement when it is ready: “Revali’s Gale is now ready.”