how to decorate around a bird bath

10. Keeping your bird bath clean (Image credit: Gardenesque)

Whatever bird bath design you choose to incorporate into your garden, maintaining its cleanliness is crucial. Bird baths must be cleaned at least twice each week. Before being filled again, every basin needs to be completely empty, cleaned, soaked in a 1:10 bleach-to-water solution, and thoroughly rinsed, according to Marc Parnell. The bath’s original intent to support the local bird population may be defeated if these chores are not carefully carried out, as it could turn into a breeding ground for various avian diseases.

2. Opt for a minimalist design (Image credit: Getty Images)

More understated bird bath ideas have become more popular in recent years. Your bird bath doesn’t have to stand out on its own; these slimline designs, which are typically mounted on a thin metal stand, can be effortlessly incorporated into your lawn or borders. Popular materials for minimalist bird bath ideas include glass and metal. Because they are relatively lightweight, they are simple to move and clean when needed.

9. Consider a heated bird bath in winter (Image credit: Getty Images)

Providing birds with a water source is essential throughout the year. Droughts in the summer can cause a shortage of water, and freezing temperatures in the winter can cause an equal shortage of water. Choosing a bird bath with a built-in heater is a great way to make sure it stays warm. An alternative is to incorporate a separate electronic de-icer into your designs for bird baths. However, since electricity is needed for both of these options, your bird bath’s placement will be limited.

A fountain or an apple or tennis ball submerged in the water are two more ways to keep your bird bath from freezing. These techniques all work to hinder the formation of an ice skin on the water’s surface.

Make sure to routinely check your bird bath during the colder months. If it’s frozen over, just run some cool water over the surface to thaw it out. The bird bath can crack if hot water is poured over it because of the abrupt temperature change. Additionally, stay away from using chemical deicers as they can be poisonous to birds.