how to cut a kiwi bird


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With the Skin Removed

  • 1 Cut the ends off the kiwifruit. Using a small knife, carefully cut off both ends of the kiwifruit by placing it on a chopping board. Don’t worry about throwing away the fruit; for this method to be effective, you will need to expose a good portion of the green flesh of the kiwi fruit. [5] .
  • 2 Slide a spoon between the kiwifruit’s skin and flesh. You can use a regular tablespoon to do this. To make it easier to remove the fruit, try to get the spoon as close under the skin as you can. [6] .
  • 3 Rotate the spoon around the kiwifruit, beneath the skin. This will loosen the skin from the fruit. To loosen all of the skin, you might need to work on one side of the kiwi first and then switch to the other, depending on the size of the spoon. [7] .
  • 4 Pop the fruit from the skin. The entire kiwi fruit should be easily removable once the skin has been completely released, giving you a perfectly smooth, cylindrical fruit. [8] You can also simply use a knife to peel the kiwifruit, but doing so will unavoidably remove some of the fruit, leaving you with an oddly shaped kiwifruit.
  • 5 Slice the kiwifruit vertically in half. Next, cut each half in half once more to create tiny kiwifruit wedges that are ideal for fruit salads or a visually appealing fruit plate. As an alternative, chopping the kiwifruit into cubes of any size is quite simple. [9] .
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In round pieces (perfect for cake decoration)

  • Hold the kiwi by one of the ends.
  • Slice down creating round pieces to your desired thickness.


Do you cut the middle out of a kiwi?

Chop the kiwifruit in half, across the widest part. If it’s still a little hard, you may need to slice again to cut through the core. At this point, you can eat the kiwifruit as it is, scooping the flesh out of the skin with a spoon, like you would eat a boiled egg.