how to create flappy bird in unity

Unity3D is a great engine, but like all game engines it has a little learning curve. This tutorial is designed to take you through the entire process of building a 2D game in Unity that will run on the web, pc/mac, and mobile. By the time you complete this project, you’ll have a fully functioning game built and ready to deploy to your phone, tablet, or webpage.

Though it has a slight learning curve, Unity3D is a fantastic engine, much like any other game engine. This course will walk you through every step of creating a Unity 2D game that can be played on the web, a PC or Mac, and a mobile device. When you finish this project, you’ll have a finished game that is prepared to be installed on your phone, tablet, or website.

Though if you look closely, you won’t be able to see that our platform is scrolling horizontally with our warp pipes—we’re almost done! That looks weird. Make a new animation and name it platform to remedy that. Then drag the animation to the platform game object. Then we’ll increase the horizontal scale of our platform.

Naturally, we must first acquire the necessary assets, like the bird, pipes, interfaces, and so forth, before we can begin developing the game.

For the record, we finished this game in just seven minutes, but since you have to read everything to know what’s happening, it may take you longer than ten minutes to complete. On the other hand, if you have everything, you can create this game quickly. This tutorial is incomplete without one more thing: the score. If you would like to continue this project, please let us know in the comments section below. We’ll be continuing it in the upcoming tutorial. Any reactions? Let us know!.

We are going to write a new script that will cause our player to leap whenever we touch the screen. So go to your Project window, right-click, select Create, then choose C# Script. Let’s name our script Player. cs Drag the script to the player game object after it has been created, then launch Visual Studio to view it.

Dong Nguyen, a Vietnamese independent game developer, created the iOS and Android game Flappy Bird. First made available on May 24, 2013, it was abruptly removed from the Play Store in February 2014.


Why did Flappy Bird get banned?

Flappy Bird was removed from both the App Store and Google Play on February 10, 2014, with Nguyen claiming that he felt guilty over what he considered to be the game’s addictive nature and overusage.

What code does Flappy Bird use?

Flappy Bird is so ridiculously simple that you could implement in any language capable of displaying graphics. So that includes Python, C#, Java and on an on all the way up to C++ and down to assembly.

Can you make a Flappy Bird clone?

The bot: Creating a complete Flappy Bird clone in C# will require several scripts and Unity as the game engine. I’ll provide you with a simplified version using basic shapes and outline the necessary steps to get you started. Create a new Unity project. Set the camera’s background color to your preference.