how to clean bird nest from dryer vent

Birds and their nests are reminders of spring and summers arrival – just not in your dryer or bathroom vent. So how to get birds out of vents? Heres what you need to do to safely and humanely remove the nest without doing harm:

Visit the Department of Fish and Wildlife Service website to get information about nest removal from your local State Fish and Game Department

If you have a nesting bird in a dryer vent, the best time to remove a nest is mid-day when the birds are most likely to be away from the site. Birds hunt throughout the day and are less likely to be in the nest than they are in the early morning or evening hours.

How to get birds out of dryer vents: Professional dryer vent cleaning will rid your vent of any debris left-behind by the birds and their babies. If the

*Tip: You should not rely on turning on a dryer to drive birds out of a dryer vent. The left-behind nesting material can cause a fire hazard. If the nesting activity clogs the vent, condensation can quickly build up into mold. Instead, the birds and their nest will need to be physically removed from the vent.

You can prevent future nesting birds in dryer vents in your laundry vent by having a dryer vent cleaning specialist provide a covering for it. The most common solution is to cover it with a sheet of wire mesh. Purchase vent covers that are small enough to keep birds out in the future, but that can be easily removed to clean lint buildup.

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Who Should You Call For a Birds Nest In Dryer Vent Removal?

The first thing most people consider doing when dealing with a pest problem is calling an exterminator. They will visit your property to deal with the pest problem and eradicate it. But, clearing the obstruction is only one aspect of solving a clogged dryer or oven vent; another is ensuring that enough air is flowing through the appliance to keep it operating as intended. Consequently, in the unlikely event that a homeowner discovers a bird’s nest clogging the dryer vent, it must be professionally cleaned to clear out any obstructions to the airway. An appliance such as a dryer may malfunction due to even a partial blockage.

how to clean bird nest from dryer vent

Vents Which Birds & Animals Can Potentially Clog

In addition to birds building their nests in cozy dryer vents, pests can also live in other vents throughout the house.

  • Bathroom Vents: The majority of bathrooms have vent fans that aid in eliminating steam from showers and bad air both during and after use. The contractor will route the vent outside the house and install a specialty vent cap to seal the pipe opening. The bathroom vent cap should keep animals and birds out of the vent. The vent cap may erode or sustain damage over time, providing unwelcome pests with access. The majority of people are unaware of it and will never change the bathroom vent cap. That is the exact method by which animals and birds can hibernate during the chilly winter. Just enough heat from the house keeps their tiny bodies warm until spring.
  • Oven Vents: The ventilation system in your kitchen, located above your gas range, lets any extra heat from baking and cooking leave your home. The vent system will prevent your cooling system from overworking and keep your kitchen cool throughout the summer. If not properly caped, this duct accessory, which can occasionally reach a width of fourteen inches, can become a haven for rodents. Similar to this, birds can build a nest in a stove vent, which can obstruct airflow.
  • Heaters for Water This could be PVC or steel plumbing that leaves your house from the side or top. A competent contractor will make sure to cover the pipe with a unique screen to prevent animals or birds from getting inside. It is necessary to inspect it every few years to ensure that the screen is still in place. The possibility exists that the animals will find a pleasant, cozy home there once an opening occurs.

The ideal time to remove a nest from a dryer vent is in the middle of the day, when the birds are most likely to have left the area. Birds are less likely to be in the nest during the day than they are in the early morning or late evening when they hunt.

*Tip: To keep birds out of a dryer vent, don’t rely on turning on the dryer. The left-behind nesting material can cause a fire hazard. Should the nesting activity clog the vent, mold growth could occur rapidly from condensation. Rather, the birds and their nest will have to be taken out of the vent physically.

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How to remove birds from dryer vents: Expert dryer vent cleaning will remove any debris that the birds and their young have left behind. If the.

By having a dryer vent cleaning expert cover your laundry vent, you can stop birds from building nests there in the future. The most typical remedy is to cover it with a wire mesh sheet. Invest in vent covers that are small enough to deter birds in the future, but also easily removable for easy cleaning of lint accumulation.


What to do if a bird is stuck in your dryer vent?

You can also take a pillow case and after removing the hose from the dryer, put the case over the hose and shake the bird into it. once trapped you hold the case closed and remove to the outside for a safe release.

How do you get birds out of the exhaust vent?

However, if the birds have already entered the vent, you should have an expert to remove them. A trained wildlife removal expert will safely and efficiently remove the birds.

Is a birds nest in a dryer vent a fire hazard?

For homeowners however, it can be a danger. Bird nests can block your dryer vent system, allowing lint to build up and block the air flow from your dryer. This can cause your dryer to overheat and ignite a dryer fire!

Is dryer lint safe for bird nests?

Dryer lint dust can be hazardous to baby birds’ lungs, and the concentrated chemicals from perfumed and dyed detergents are toxic to both baby birds as well as brooding adults. Furthermore, lint with a strong odor can attract predators, bringing them right to a vulnerable nest.