how to charge netvue bird feeder

Mounting the Birdfy feeder outside

With the included mounting bracket, which fits into the feeder’s bottom, there are two different ways to mount the feeder.

A strap (not included) can be used to fasten the bracket to a tree. The screws that come with the bird feeder can also be used to fasten the bracket to a wall or other structure. Even better, you can use the included connector to mount the feeder on a tripod. I chose to fasten the Birdfy smart bird feeder to a tree in my backyard, as you can see from the image above.

I then opened the feeder’s cover or roof and put seed inside the seed container.

The feeder is made to allow larger seeds and nuts to fall into the spacious seed tray with ease rather than becoming lodged in the container.

I inserted the seed-filled feeder into the mounting bracket and watched the birds explore their new seed cafe.

Sadly, the first customer was not a bird at all but rather a naggish squirrel, a common enemy of birdwatchers who set out feeders. These creatures are discouraged by the Birdfy feeder’s features, which include an alarm and siren that you can manually turn on and a bright light. I repeatedly attempted to frighten the squirrels with both of those features, but they didn’t seem to mind at all and continued to eat the seeds.

The app’s user interface is simple to understand and use. It displays a thumbnail of the cameras or feeds that are connected to the account, and you can view the camera in real time by tapping the thumbnail.

Additionally, you can adjust the motion detection’s sensitivity, create a sleep schedule to prevent notifications when motion or birds are detected at particular times, and filter the notifications to only show information about people, birds, etc.

Because of the sharp camera, it’s simple to see and identify the birds or squirrels (grrrr) that come to your feeder.

When motion is detected by the camera, a brief thumbnail will appear on your phone or tablet to notify you. Additionally, you can watch brief video clips of the detected motion by paging back through a timeline.

Additionally, you will receive notifications on your Apple Watch if you wear one.

Receiving the notifications and watching the different kinds of birds that come to the feeder is enjoyable, but if the feeder becomes a major attraction for a large number of birds and you start getting notification after notification, it can get really annoying very fast.

What’s in the box?

  • Netvue Birdfy Feeder Cam
  • Mounting hardware
  • Charging cable
  • Solar panel
  • Quick guide

The Birdfy feeder comes almost fully assembled. To assemble the bird stand, simply snap on the cover or roof and fasten it to the front of the seed tray.

The 108oP wireless camera is surrounded by a clear plastic window on the white plastic feeder. This transparent window is actually the seed container’s front.

The camera’s WiFi antenna and a USB-C charging port are located on the back of the feeder. You can use this port to charge the camera or to attach a solar panel to recharge the camera’s battery during the day.

In compliance with transportation safety regulations, the camera’s batteries are not fully charged. Please fully charge the camera before using it. Please use the Type C Port Cable (DC5V / 1) that is provided to charge the batteries. 5A adapter not included). When charging, the status light will be solid yellow, and when fully charged, it will turn solid green. It takes about 14 hours to fully charge your camera.

To turn on the camera: Long press the power button for 3s to turn on the camera. Then the Status Light in the front of the camera will be solid blue. Double click the power button to enter WiFi mode after the prompt tone. netvue-Birdfy-Feeder-Camera-fig-11

Choose a good installation location. Make sure the camera is inside the Wi-Fi network’s coverage area and that its view is not blocked. We recommend installing it at a height of 2. 2-3. To make it easier for birds to find, place it 5 meters in an open area. Birdy Feeder provides four installation methods. Please choose the method that works the best for you.

Bird Detection Protect Plan provides optional advanced features for those with higher security needs, and each plan supports multiple devices. Bird Detection has undergone massive machine learning and uses AI intelligent recognition algorithms to inform you in real-time “what species of bird are coming”, automatically save the bird s/videos data for you, and also provide bird knowledge learning and so on. netvue-Birdfy-Feeder-Camera-fig-29


Why is my Netvue camera not charging?

Check to see if the status light on the camera is solid yellow when charging. If it is, and the camera is not charging, try resetting the camera by pushing the reboot button located next to the power button on the camera while it is charging.

Does Birdfy need SD card?

The Birdfy camera requires a micro-SD card to capture images and video and, as with all new cameras, I had to purchase one separately. The printed guide contains a QR code which, when scanned with a smartphone, takes the user to the Netvue section on the App Store or Google Play.

What is the status light on Netvue?

Here are the latest status light indications: Slow flashing yellow: Charging. Rapid flashing yellow upon pressing the power button: Low battery. Yellow light off: Fully charged. Solid blue: Device is working.

Does Netvue Birdfy require a subscription?

The Netvue Birdfy Feeder AI camera semi-reliably identifies the species of visiting birds and doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee, but its video quality could be better.