how to catch chompy birds osrs

After it is placed on the ground, each bloated toad has a 1 in 5 chance of attracting a chompy bird every 25 ticks, or 15 seconds. A bloated toad can roll up to four times before it bursts, but once it has successfully called down a chompy, it can’t roll again.

The quickest way to kill chompies is to lay down toads in one of the areas near the swamp bubbles, just south of Castle Wars. Leave three slots empty in your inventory and add about 25 ogre bellows (less if you remove the chompies). Then, use the swamp bubbles to fill every bellow in your inventory. Every few ticks, after you fill the first bellow, each bellow in your inventory will be filled one at a time. By hand, you can accelerate this by using the empty bellows on the bubbles. Once the bellows are fully filled, inflate three swamp toads and place them anywhere on the ground. As soon as possible, keep dumping down more inflated toads until chompies begin to fall from the sky. Just kill the chompies and keep dumping toads on the ground while inflating them.

Chompy birds are not very difficult to kill, especially since they do not defend themselves against attacks. However, if you want to achieve a higher kill count for the Western Diary, the chompy chick pet, or the minigame’s direct rewards (chompy bird hats and the Ranged experience reward), it is usually helpful to maximize the number of kills per hour.

In order to increase their chances of obtaining a chompy chick pet after completing the elite Western Diary, players should pluck the chompies after killing them. It is recommended that players leave the dead chompies alone, as it is generally not worth the time to pluck them, unless they are specifically trying to obtain this pet as soon as possible. Having one inventory slot free for the feathers that are automatically obtained when plucking chompies is advised. Alternatively, one slot can be used for the bonecrusher to provide a brief period of passive prayer experience.

The greatest enhancements to kill speed are ranged-boosting prayers and strong ranged abilities. Because of Chompy’s low Defense, more accuracy beyond 60 does not result in longer kill times. For Lower Ranged levels, consult a damage calculator to find the ideal level of accuracy for kills. For maximum ranged strength, use either rigor or Eagle Eye, rune brutals, a necklace of anguish, and an Avas assembler.