how to catch a snipe bird

In North America edit

Snipes are a real family of birds, but the snipe hunt is a practical joke where the victim is led astray into hunting a fictitious animal. It is commonly connected to summer camps and other outdoor camping experiences. [1].

Usually in the evening, snipe hunters are led to an outdoor location and given a bag or pillowcase with instructions to either wait silently or make strange noises to draw the animals. After leaving with the promise to pursue the snipe towards the newcomer, the other group members head back home or to camp, leaving the prank victim in the dark to realize they have been tricked and left “holding the bag.” [2].

A fruitless errand or expedition, the snipe hunt is a type of fools errand or wild-goose chase, with records dating back to the 1840s in the United States. It is a rite of passage that is frequently connected to organizations like the Boy Scouts. In the early 20th century, it was the most popular hazing ritual for boys at American summer camps. In camp life and children’s stories, the snipe hunt offers a chance to tease and welcome new members of the group. [6][7].

Like with tall tales, creative descriptions of the snipe are frequently used to set the scene for the prank. A squirrel-like bird with one red and one green eye, a small, black, furry animal that resembles a bird and only emerges during a full moon, and so on are some of the descriptions given for the snipe. According to American Folklore: An Encyclopedia:

A different version involves a theatrical delivery of a bag purportedly containing a captured snipe to the campsite following a group hunt; the snipe “escapes” before the bag is opened.

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how to catch a snipe bird

I have to admit, before I continue, that I fell for this. It’s unbelievable, but if you spend too much time on vacation in the mountains, anything can seem possible. This is a straightforward ruse to send one of your credulous friends on a quest to find the “Snipe.” Although there are real snipes, hunting them would be futile because they are mudbirds and their colors do not go well together.

Variations edit

In France, a comparable practical joke is referred to as “hunting the dahut.” [11] Although the prey description is different from that of the North American snipe hunt, the joke’s basic structure remains the same.

A joke akin to this is known as cazar gamusinos (hunting gamusinos) in Spain. The gamusino [es] is a made-up animal that has no clear definition. [12].


How do you hunt snipe?

Snipe hunters are typically led to an outdoor spot at night and given a bag or pillowcase along with instructions that can include either waiting quietly or making odd noises to attract the creatures.

What is the best gun for snipe hunting?

Your standard 12 or 20 gauge shotgun will work fine for these birds, but if you’re feeling sporty, drop down to a 28 or . 410 gauge. As far as shells go, dove load in size 7 or 8 are perfect for snipe. Lead shot is allowed when hunting snipe, but only for snipe.

Are snipe good to eat?

These birds are small but offer excellent eating. In addition to the challenge, one of the true benefits of hunting these birds is their dark meat, which is among the best tasting of any small game birds. If you love dove poppers, then you’ll love snipe, soras and rails.

What size shot for snipe hunting?

Gauge-wise, snipe are consistently hunted with everything from 12-gauge to . 410. Obviously, the bigger the gauge the more shots downrange, but also the greater propensity for damaging the meat. Gauges 16, 20 and 28 are ideal snipe gauges.