how to call bird skyward sword

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Link may only leave Skyloft under 2 conditions:

  • It must be daytime. Only Academy graduates are permitted to fly at night, and if you try to skydive at that time, the Rescue Knight will give you a grating lecture.
  • Link can only skydive from specific locations in Skyloft, which are typically wooden piers; if he falls off somewhere else, the Rescue Knight will annoy him and he won’t assume the skydiving posture.

You have to dash off the piers. You will fall off rather than dive off if you don’t dash. As some comments have mentioned, you are unable to call your Loftwing if you are attempting to fly at night. One more thing: your Loftwing cannot descend with you; you must return to Faron Woods.

Right now, the only thought that comes to mind is: Is it night?

If it is, Loftwings dont fly at night. Try again in the morning after taking a nap in any bed.

You can only exit Skyloft from specific locations, which are identified by wooden piers.

If Link skydives off the platform instead of just falling, you can determine whether you are permitted to call your loftwing.

As you get closer to the end of the wooden pier, hold A to dash so that Link will jump rather than hang there. Before you can press the directional pad to call your bird, he must jump.

As a resident of Skyloft, a floating community high above the void, you are Link. You’ve been training at the Knight Academy for a very long time, and today is your graduation day. Even though your life has been calm up to this point, when your dear friend Zelda is taken from you, nothing will ever be the same.

We’ve included all the information you need to find and save Zelda in our strategy guide for The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword (HD), including a thorough walkthrough complete with intricate maps. Furthermore, since every hero needs to relax, we can assist you in completing sidequests—collecting all the collectibles and solving other people’s problems—as well.


Why can’t I call my bird in Skyward Sword?

You can tell if you are allowed to call your loftwing if Link skydives off the platform rather than just falling. Hold A to dash as you approach the end of the wooden pier and Link will jump instead of dangle from the end. He has to jump before you can press down on the directional pad to call your bird.

How do you call your Loftwing?

As you speak with her you can choose what you want to say. Your choices won’t affect the game, only Zelda’s responses. After the cutscene, Zelda will push you off the cliff. Press DOWN on the D-Pad to call your Loftwing.

How do you find your bird in Skyward Sword?

Upon exiting the cave, you’ll be reunited with Zelda who will seem a little distracted. With her in tow, head to your right and you’ll soon find the Crimson Loftwing trapped behind a series of boards. To free the Crimson Loftwing, all you need to do is hit each set of ropes with your sword twice.

How do you activate the bird statue in Skyward Sword?

Bird Statues are Objects in Skyward Sword. They are stone effigies of Loftwings that function similarly to the Owl Statues in Majora’s Mask. They can be found both in the overworld and inside dungeons. All of the Bird Statues on the surface are activated when Link examines the special statue near the Sealed Temple.