how to build a large bird feeder

Attracting the widest variety of birds to your backyard can be a fun learning experience. All it takes is a basic understanding of the different types of birdfeeders and a little creativity.

Here are two types of easy-to-make bird feeders to attract birds. This activity will require tools and some cutting; therefore, adult supervision for building feeders is highly recommended.

PLATFORM FEEDERS – Platform feeders can be hung two to six feet above the ground. These feeders attract the widest variety of birds from small perching birds to larger ground-feeding birds. You can make your own inexpensive platform feeder by using empty egg cartons and twine.

HANGING FEEDERS – Turn an ordinary plastic bottle into a functional bird feeder. These feeders are simple and inexpensive to make and they work very well. The most common bottles used are two-liter soda bottles, but just about any size of plastic bottle works well. For perches, you can use woodworking dowels, unsharpened pencils, chopsticks, twigs or small sticks.

After the birds start to feed at your feeders, use a free online birding app such as Audubon birding app to keep track of the different birds your feeders will attract.

The Department strongly recommends that bird feeders not be utilized in areas with high bear activity and that feeders be taken down daily in other areas during crepuscular (twilight) and night time hours when bears are active or not hibernating.

Parts of the provided chains and two 12-inch baskets to hang around the tray-feeder Once more, the cage is held together as a hinge by just two cable ties.

I wanted to share the guidelines for the feeder cages I built for my hanging feeder. These could be useful to someone and somewhat less expensive (between £5 and £8 per cage) than the prefabricated ones. They do a great job of keeping the pigeons and squirrels away so far. I had looked everywhere for some big enough baskets that would be useful, and Wickes DIY was the only place I could find any that would work. Im sure therell be more elsewhere in-season in summer.

It is best to include the clips.

There are other feeders in the garden that the unwanted animals are free to use, so I haven’t completely starved them.

I suspended the bottom cage from the tray’s edge using chain clips with two links on either side and three links at the far end.

Platform feeders can be suspended between two and six feet above the floor. The greatest range of birds, from tiny perching birds to larger ground-feeding birds, are drawn to these feeders. Using twine and empty egg cartons, you can assemble an inexpensive platform feeder on your own.

Bringing in the greatest range of birds to your backyard can be an enjoyable educational endeavor. All you need is a basic knowledge of the various kinds of birdfeeders and a little bit of inventiveness.

These are two varieties of simple bird feeders that you can make to draw birds. Building feeders will require tools and some cutting, so having an adult supervise is highly recommended.

Use a free online birdwatching app, like Audubon Birding App, to monitor the variety of birds your feeders will draw once they begin to feed.

HANGING FEEDERS: Convert a regular plastic bottle into a useful feeder for birds. These feeders are incredibly easy and affordable to construct. Two-liter soda bottles are the most often used bottles, but plastic bottles in almost any size are useful. You can make perches out of woodworking dowels, small sticks, twigs, chopsticks, and unsharpened pencils.


What is the best wood for a bird feeder?

Cedar is the perfect choice of wood for a bird feeder. In addition to giving the feeder a rich, attractive appearance, it’s naturally insect-resistant. Cedar resists rot and warping, so it’ll do a good job handling the elements even if you choose not to add stain or paint.

What bird feeder is best for large birds?

Hopper feeders should be positioned on a pole about five feet off the ground and will draw all the species that tube feeders attract, along with larger birds like Blue Jays, Grackles, Red-winged Blackbirds and Cardinals.

Do bird feeders need to be a certain height?

When a feeder becomes too inconvenient, it may become neglected and will not be a good resource for hungry birds. A height of 5-6 feet isn’t too far out of reach for most birders, but is tall enough – with a good baffle and a good feeder design – to be safe for birds.