how to build a bird table with roof

If your old bird table is on its last legs, you could go out and buy a new one. Or you could have a go at making one yourself. Building your own bird table can be as straightforward or as complex as you want to make it.

In this article, we take you through the options you need to consider before you start work on making a bird table. The materials and tools you will need. We give you plans and instructions for making a simple table, and resources for more elaborate options.

How to Make a Bird Table.

You must make decisions before gathering supplies and equipment.

Size matters with bird tables. If it is too small, not only will there not be enough room for numerous birds to eat together, but the seed will constantly fall to the ground. If it’s too large, larger birds like pigeons will have a home, frightening away the smaller ones.

Additionally, the larger your table is, the larger its foot or other support must be in order to maintain stability.

For the feeding platform of your bird table, 12 by 18 inches, or 15 inches square, is a good size to aim for. This will provide plenty of room for feeding without being overly large or difficult to maintain.

The height of your bird table is important too. If it’s too tall, you might find it challenging to observe from a chair, and feeding birds like blackbirds and robins will ignore it. In strong winds, a very tall bird table mounted on a conventional pole is also more likely to become unstable.

If it’s too low down, cats and other predators may use your feeding birds as a sitting target.

Your feeding platform should ideally be 4 to 6 feet above the ground.

Making the Table’s Feet For the Post

My father used to tell me that the feet shouldn’t be too small. If not, you’ll need to give it a weight or a spike to keep it from toppling over.

Rather than completing another half lap, I simply crisscrossed two larger pieces and secured them with glue and screws.

I also glued and screwed some feet to make up the difference and get it off the ground. Next, add more supports and confirm that there were sufficient screws used throughout.

How Will Your Table Be Supported?

Thus, while the classic bird table is supported by a wooden pole, that isn’t your only choice, and it’s also not the easiest option to do yourself.

You could go for a hanging table. This merely involves replacing the post with a rope or chain that is threaded beneath the roof.

how to build a bird table with roof

Alternatively, you could use a bracket to mount your bird table on a wall or fence. This is probably the simplest option of all to make.

how to build a bird table with roof