how to bird proof solar panels

Solar Stixx The Solar Stixx is perfect for accommodating irregular surfaces under solar panels. Screw or adhere to the solar panel frame, and the Stixx will conform to the curvature of the roof. Made of a UV-stabilized polycarbonate and 304 stainless steel, Each section is 20″ and covers an opening of 5-8”.

how to bird proof solar panels

Effective Bird Control for The Solar Industry

Installing Solar Panel Mesh and Clips to protect the undersides of the panels is the best way to prevent pigeons from building nests beneath your solar panels. This mesh is placed around the solar array’s edges to prevent rodents and birds from reaching the warm, protected underside. Bird B Gone Solar Clips are used to secure the mesh in place after it has been run around the perimeters without causing any damage to the panel frames.

Bird Deterrents for Solar Panels

Pigeons search for a place to nest first, usually near the solar panels installed on your roof. Installing dependable and efficient solar panel bird control is crucial because of this.

For these areas, it is advised to use a premium coated steel mesh to stop rust and corrosion. Chicken wire and other exposed steel panels should not be used since they will quickly rust and start to harm your solar investment. A total of 50′ of mesh divided into five-foot-long panels and a package of thirty-five solar panel clips are included in Bird B Gone’s solar panel bird deterrent kit. Solar Mesh can be purchased in bulk in rolls measuring 100 feet, and solar clips are offered in packs of 35, 50, and 100 (separately sold). Asks for a Certified Installer of Bird B-Gone Solar Panel Bird Deterrent

  • Included:
    • Ten precut 5-foot-by-8-inch wire mesh panels, or 50 linear feet, in total
    • 35 solar panel clips
  • Steel Mesh is coated with weather resistant Black PVC .058”
  • The solar array’s mesh and clips can be taken off for maintenance and repairs.
  • Steel Mesh is coated with weather resistant Black Coated PVC . 058”.
  • Black coating blends in with underside of panels
  • Available in 8” and 6” tall mesh
  • Pack sizes: 35, 50 and 100 clips
  • Made from stainless steel material
  • Clips hook under and clamp on to frame of panel
  • No drilling or screws necessary


How do I keep birds out of my solar panels?

The best way to stop pigeons from nesting under your solar panels is to install Solar Panel Mesh and Clips to guard the undersides of the panels. This mesh is run along the perimeters of the solar array too stop birds and rodents from accessing the warm protected underside.

What is the best bird guard for solar panels?

Defender® Solar Panel Bird Excluders are the easiest way to stop pigeons and birds from nesting under all styles of solar panels that have a gap underneath of between 80 – 150 mm. Each strip is 333 mm long but can be snapped or cut into 35 mm pieces along special grooves.

How do you make pigeon proof solar panels?

Installing a ‘Bird Mesh’ is the most effective and efficient way of bird proofing solar panels. A wired bird mesh is the most optimal solution for making your solar panels free from birds’ nesting. Bird meshes are designed to keep the birds away from the areas beneath your solar panels.

How do solar panels deal with birds?

Mesh – A way to shield solar panels is to place Mesh around panels. Because the mesh can block birds from getting into in the space, this method stops them from entering.