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Ascend to the top of the hill and the Ampitheatre area. A gathering of Piantas and Nokis can be seen observing the tower from up top. Follow the coins as you slide down the hillside between them, then jump at the finish to access the enormous trampoline. Jump off the trampoline and hover into the tower.

You’ll find yourself atop a block-built bird, spiraling around a group of towers. Getting the seven red coins off the bird is the first thing to do. You can jump onto some clouds to gather four Blue Coins and a 1-Up until the bird eventually soars to the top of the tower, where the last Red Coin is waiting. You can leap onto the clouds, grab your belongings, and then jump off again because the bird flies straight through the clouds. Alternatively, you could wait for the bird to circle the tower while perched atop the cloud. This area has no time limit, and the bird will keep looping around the tower until the stage is finished. advertisement.

Occasionally, when you are on top of the bird, it will start to flap its wings quickly, indicating that it is about to twist. When that occurs, you must approach the outside edge of its head or neck, wait for it to turn roughly 45 degrees in your direction, then leap off and stay there until the bird is vertical. For a brief period, you can land on its side before it returns to its original position and forces you to hover off once more. advertisement.

First, you must travel to the central tower, which is located north of the spawn point. In order to reach the upper ledge where the tower is located, you will have to execute some high jumps. Then, go to a small cliff alcove directly behind the tower and spray water at the Dune Bud to reveal some hidden stairs leading to the top of the cliff. Sideways somersaults and triple jumps are the way to go! By following the path to the top of the cliff, you can launch yourself inside the tower by jumping over the springy cloth.

You will spawn on a massive Sand Bird as soon as you enter the tower. Seven or eight coins are readily visible on the Sand Bird’s body and are simple to seize. The eighth coin is located atop the central tower, but you can’t access it until the Sand Bird soars toward it. You will have to remain atop the Sand Bird while it circles. The bird will eventually flip and start flying sideways; when this happens, you’ll need to move to the side of it, wait for it to start flying normally, and then climb back up onto the main body part. After a short while, the Shine Sprite will spawn on the central tower and the bird’s left wing will level with it, allowing you to head over and take the last coin!


How do you beat the Sand Bird in Mario Sunshine?

When you are on the bird, occasionally it will begin flapping its wings rapidly, a sign that it is about to twist. When this happens, you will need to get to the outside edge of its head or neck, wait until it turns about 45 degrees toward you, and then jump off and hover until the bird is vertical.

How do you beat Piantissimo’s sand sprint?

In order to beat him, you need to reach the pole in less than 35 seconds. Fortunately, there is a shortcut here: Hover up the hill by the palm tree, Wall Kick up the cave to the road, then jump and hover over the green hill instead of running up the road. Keep hugging the hill for an easy win.

How do you defeat Petey Piranha?

When Petey Piranha opens his mouth, start pumping him full of water. After a solid mouthfull, he will get a belly ache and fall on his back. Jump over his belly and to a ground pound. Repeat this two more times to finish him.

How do you beat Mecha Bowser in Super Mario Sunshine?

Simply follow Shadow Mario into the park and you will begin a boss battle that looks hard, but is really not. As you ride the rollar coaster, FLUDD will pick up rockets on his own. Point them at Mecha Bowser, and fire. It takes four hits to bring him down.