how to attract swallow birds

When it comes to attracting birds to my yard I have been pretty lucky. I have several hummingbirds at my feeder, turkeys visit almost every day and a pair of bluebirds are nesting in a birdhouse. However, the bird that I would really like to nest in my yard is the Barn Swallow. Do you have any suggestions how I could attract this beautiful bird? -Adam, Lenox, MA


  • When the nesting season ends in the fall, think about clearing out the nesting boxes. If you decide to perform this task, make sure you thoroughly wash your hands afterward. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0 .
  • Purchase high-quality binoculars if you don’t already own any. You will definitely spend a lot of time observing these birds! Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
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  • Check local regulations before shooting or trapping invasive bird species. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0 .
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Usually located on a rafter or ledge just below the roof, swallows’ nests The birds gather mud pellets from the closest damp spot to use as anchors for their nests, which are firmly fixed to the ledge. When barn swallows are smearing mud on their faces, it’s one of the rare occasions when you will see them on the ground.

Getting a barn is the best way to attract Barn Swallows to nest in your yard, but did you really need me to tell you that? The Barn Swallow is named after barns, as their name suggests. Yes, I am aware that many birds have common names that have no real significance, but this bird’s name is spot on. A barn gives the bird food, cover, and materials to build a nest. To a Barn Swallow, a barn is comparable to a neighborhood mall for teenagers.

The next step is to get yourself some mud. Swallows’ nests are mostly made of mud. The traditional mixture of water and organic soil can be used to easily make your own mud, or you can purchase it already made from your neighborhood health food store. The mud tray should be placed on the ground where you want the birds to build their nest.

Adam, if you don’t have access to an abandoned ocean tanker, I advise you to use the porch overhang or old building method. In an old shed or garage, if you leave the door or window open, the birds will definitely find it. Additionally, all the birds might need to get started is a small shelf taped up beneath an eve. A tiny piece of plastic positioned directly beneath the nest should keep your belongings tidy and free of bird droppings if you’re one of those neat freaks who detests having bird droppings all over your stuff.

One of the few animal species that has benefited from human activity is the barn swallow. Historically swallows nested in caves or under cliffs. However, the birds realized they were onto something and swiftly moved in when people grew weary of the cold and began constructing shelters for themselves or their animals. These days, finding a Barn Swallow’s nest in its natural habitat is uncommon.


What is a swallows favorite food?

Insects. Feeds on a wide variety of flying insects, especially flies (including house flies and horse flies), beetles, wasps, wild bees, winged ants, and true bugs. Also eats some moths, damselflies, grasshoppers, and other insects, and a few spiders and snails.

Where is the best place to put a swallow bird house?

Where is the best place to position the Swallow Nest? The Swallow Nest should be sited high up and inside a building such as a garage or out-building which allows constant easy access.

What can I feed a swallow bird?

Try nutritious sunflower seeds, and remember that swallows will usually only come looking for food if insects are scarce, so don’t be disappointed if they don’t hang around. You can provide water in long, shallow dishes or bird baths – swallows don’t stop to drink but will drink mid-flight to stay safe.

What flowers do swallows like?

Wax myrtle is an irresistible plant for swallows. Native to the southeastern United States, this versatile evergreen shrub has aromatic leaves and small, often overlooked flowers. However, it is the fruit that truly attracts swallows.