how to adjust rain bird 5000 sprinkler heads

If you are learning about different types of sprinkler heads for your lawn, then Rainbird 5000 is a great choice. It is a powerful sprinkler system that distributes water evenly throughout the garden. It has an adjustable head and a nozzle that sprays water in the area without leaving any corners. If you already have Rainbird sprinkler installed, read on this blog to know Raibird 5000 adjustment.

You can achieve greater coverage with a Rainbird 5000 sprinkler than any other nozzle or sprinkler system. Adjusting Rainbird 5000 sprinkler head is also relatively simpler to make than other sprinkler heads.

While some people may think that rain bird sprinkler adjustment is difficult, it is actually a reliable sprinkler that adjusts itself with a little bit of effort.

What to know before Rainbird 5000 adjustment

A robust underground sprinkler that works well for both residential and commercial applications is the Rainbird 5000. Its Rain Curtain nozzles and Triple-Blade Wiper Seal ensure that the entire garden receives uniform watering.

These sprinkler heads have movable span and radius settings in addition to a fixed left stop that you can set.

Change the Rain Bird 5000 sprinkler heads according to the proper procedure, making sure to slightly cross over from one sprinkler head to the next. This will help you water your yard consistently so that it grows rich, healthy, and green.

The Rain Bird 5000 series rotor sprinkler heads are widely recognized as the most reliable and efficient rotor in the industry. These sprinkler heads have a 25–50 foot water distribution range.

Choosing them is the wisest course of action for both residential and commercial properties. Every sprinkler in the 5000 series comes equipped with the Rain Curtain Nozzle innovation, which offers more noticeable breeze resistance, effective close-in watering, and even dispersal throughout the entire yard’s radius.

The self-cleaning adjustment screw and slip clutch component make it easy to install, replace, and maintain these sprinkler heads.

An effortless method to adjust the arc is to use a level head screwdriver, and the radius adjustment screw allows you to reduce the range by up to 25% without having to replace the nozzles.

The hardcore cover assembly of the Rain Bird 5000 sprinklers contributes to their incredible strength. Additionally, after every cycle, their powerful retract spring ensures a positive flydown, and additional seals protect against “abrasive” water.

Also, these sprinklers accompany a five-year guarantee. If an issue should come up after the guarantee period, Jacksonville sprinkler repair experts can quickly resolve it.

1. What Tools will I need?

Before making any adjustments to your Rainbird 5000 rotor, you must gather the necessary tools. One of the Rainbird adjustment tools will suffice if all you need to do is adjust the spray. These instruments resemble tiny flat-head screwdrivers, with the exception that the screwdriver’s tip is shaped like a cross. With the help of this tool, you can effortlessly raise the head and utilize the flathead to make all the necessary adjustments.

If you don’t have one of those tools you can also use a flathead screwdriver. It will just be harder to use without the pull-up tool. If you are going to be frequently adjusting sprinklers you’ll probably want to get one of Rainbird’s tools. You can get one of the tools at Sprinkler Warehouse for under $5. Most places that sell Rain Bird products will also sell the tools.

Additionally, Rain Bird produces a tool to support the head while you work on it. While they might be useful, they are not absolutely required to modify your system.

If your rotor is sitting at the incorrect angle and has sunk too far into the ground, the only additional tool you might need is a shovel.

Adjusting the Distance of Spray

  • Turn on the water. You should turn on the water for the fine adjustments so you can see precisely how far the spray is traveling. For instance, if you installed a 35-foot head and now need the spray to reach 32 feet, we must shorten the range.
  • Use your screwdriver to adjust the radius adjustment screw. When the spray shortening reaches the proper distance, turn the screw counterclockwise. Rotating the screw in a counterclockwise direction will increase the spray’s range.
  • Make adjustments until the sprinkler hits the right distance.

how to adjust rain bird 5000 sprinkler heads


Do you need a special tool to adjust Rainbird sprinkler heads?

If you just need to adjust the spray, all you’ll need is one of the Rainbird adjustment tools. These tools look like small flat-head screwdrivers, except the screwdriver ends in kind of a cross at the end. This tool will allow you to easily pull the head up and then use the flathead to make all of your adjustments.