how to adjust rain bird 22sa

A pressure regulator is required on all sprays sold in the following states; California, Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, Vermont.

Rain Bird high efficiency pro series rotary sprinklers save water by applying it slowly and evenly.

This allows the soil to absorb more water, preventing run-off and wasteful misting. Theyre built to perform and last for years in all conditions.

A heavy duty spring ensures that they retract every time. A patented co-molded wiper seal prevents leaks and ensures no dirt or grit gets inside

If a purchaser of any new Rain Bird consumer product becomes dissatisfied with it for any reason, he may return it to the retailer where it was purchased within a reasonable time for a full refund. Rain Bird’s obligation is limited to this refund for any product that does not meet a purchaser’s expectations. Other than its satisfaction policy, there are no warranties on Rain Bird consumer products, express or implied, nor will Rain Bird be responsible for any economic or consequential damages.

The 22SA’s spray range is also indicated by the grooves beneath the spray head, which are printed with the letters “F” for full, “H” for half, and “Q” for quarter.

After the sprinkler is installed, grasp the stem while the water is circulating and twist the spray head direction toward the desired watering area. In the event that the model is a 22SA-H or 22SA-Q, align the spray pattern with the watering area and twist the spray away from walls or pavement.

When a timer is set, the Rain Bird 22SA rotary nozzle sprinkler is hidden underground and rises to water the lawn. There are three models and spray patterns for the 22SA: the 22SA-F, 22SA-H, and 22SA-Q. Its spray range is 17 to 24 feet. The 22SA can tolerate a range of water pressure and emits multiple rotating streams for even water distribution. You must know how to modify the sprinklers to fit the dimensions of your lawn when designing your irrigation system.

To reduce the radius or throw by 25%, place a flathead screwdriver into the radius reduction screw located in the top center of the spray head and twist it clockwise. The amount of water flowing through the spray head is unaffected by this reduction.

Place one of the three 22SA models in the appropriate sections of your lawn. The 22SA is available in three distinct spray ranges: the full-circle-emitting 22SA-F rotor, which is marked with a blue radius adjustment slot; the half-circle-emitting 22SA-H rotor, which is marked with an orange radius adjustment slot; and the quarter-circle-emitting 22SA-Q rotor, which is marked with a yellow radius adjustment slot. Install the 22SA-Q into areas such as corners. Install 22SA-H rotors against fences or the side of houses that have flat walls. Place 22SA-F rotors in the middle of the watering area, where there is only grass or foliage around the sprinkler.

Rain Bird Pro Series High Efficiency Rotating Sprinklers conserve water by dispersing it gradually and uniformly.

All sprays sold in the following states: Vermont, California, Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, and Washington must have a pressure regulator.

This increases the amount of water that the soil can absorb, reducing runoff and unnecessary misting. They are made to function and endure in any environment for many years.

Any new Rain Bird consumer product can be returned to the retailer within a reasonable time of purchase for a full refund if the buyer is unhappy with it for any reason. If a product does not live up to a customer’s expectations, Rain Bird’s liability is limited to this refund. Apart from its satisfaction guarantee, Rain Bird consumer products come with no express or implied warranties, and Rain Bird disclaims all liability for any consequential or financial losses.

A heavy duty spring ensures that they retract every time. A unique co-molded wiper seal guarantees that no grit or dirt enters while stopping leaks.