how the birds got their colours book

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A picture book with stunning illustrations by young Indigenous artists that delves into Indigenous culture and the Dreamtime Book measures 22. 3 x 18cm.

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1•,, . __ . ___________ _ . ·. “”:�-� •·· ·-•··· . ·. ,–· . ,◜ This bool The pictures are taken from their depictions of the story. Lofts, Pamela. How the birds got their colours. · For children. ISBN O 86896 264 3. l. Aborigines, Australian—Le. gends-Juvenile Literature. 2. Legends-Australia-Juvenile Literature. I. Title. 398. 2049915 Copyright© Mary Albert. 1983. This compilation copyright© Pamela Lofts, 7 983. Scholastic Australia Pty Limited ACN 000 674 577, PO Box 579, Gosford 2250 published the book for the first time in 1983. Also in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide . and. Perth. www. scholastic. com. au ,, · : _Reprinted in 1987. 7988, 1989, 7991, 1992 (twice), 7993 (twlce),. 1995, _ 1996, 1997 and 1998 (twice). :;-. _,. ,r All rights reserved. This publication may not be duplicated or translated in any way. , . :–. ,. : _,, by any means, electronic or mechanical. without the publisher’s prior written consent, including photocopying, recording, storing in an information retrieval system, or in any other way, ‘_,1 1. Unless expressly authorized by the Australian Copyright Act, as amended, )968 __. _, ,4 :, Typeset by Veritage Press Pty Ltd, Lisarow. Printed in Hong Kong. 15 14 73 8 9/9 012 3 4/0 79 78 77 76 15

• “One of the St. Marys School students in Broome, Western Australia, whose paintings served as the basis for the illustrations • •• “Which old story would you like to hear? My mother used to tell me a lot of stories, but I always liked this one the most because I loved birds. The Bordi tribe in Western Australia is represented by Mary Albert, with an ISBN of 0-86896-264-3.


What is the story about how the birds got their Colours?

Book summary: In a world where “all the birds were black”, a dove becomes injured while feeding. Many of its bird friends try to help. One of these is the parrot who uses its beak to burst open the dove’s swollen foot.. suddenly splashes of colour cover the birds!

Who wrote how the birds got their Colours?

Mary Albert
How the birds got their colours / told by Mary Albert ; compiled by Pamela Lofts. Description: Sydney : Scholastic Press, 2004.

What is the Dreamtime story about color?

According to the Dreamtime story, birds all used to be black and have no colour. One day, a bird landed on a sharp branch, which cut into his foot and made it swell, and all birds except the crow came to his aid and looked after him until the swelling broke, releasing colour into the world.