how tall is the erosion bird

However, detecting that you stayed a moment longer than usual on the weird bird TikTok, the algorithm serves you another. And another. Weeks later, you’re at a Halloween party and somebody dressed exactly like the bird waddles up to you.

But the bird’s clothing is what has garnered the most attention. Commenters on the first video identified the bird’s comfortable shaggy coat as a stylish yet effortless ensemble almost instantly, calling it a “luh calm fit.” ”.

Memes lack the authorial anchoring of other works of art — anybody can take a post and riff on it, and so Erosion Bird has journeyed through several different corners of TikTok. Many postings claim the creature represents a “meme from the future” that we can’t yet understand, and some warn of a vague, sinister disaster soon to come — perhaps climate-related, or perhaps political. These postings have taken on an increasingly paranoid slant, including cryptic listings of longitude and latitude coordinates alongside warnings of an imminent cataclysm.

One of the most well-known and eye-catching memes of the year is Erosion Bird, also referred to as Opuim Bird. It may be strange, but it’s not entirely original because it references a long history of internet aesthetics and memes.

Terminally online people come across conspiracy theories pretty frequently. These have a distinct tone, with word choices and visual cues intended to captivate and persuade. Erosion Bird appropriates the aesthetics of this kind of content and parodies it by applying these cues—ominous warnings, grainy footage, cryptic numbers—to a ridiculous creature that doesn’t actually exist. Similar to how the visual codes and medium of television reverberate in non-TV-related visual forms, TikTok can serve as a testing ground for novel materials, procedures, and methods of operation.


The Opium Bird, also known as Erosion Bird, is an Antarctic deity that lives there. He represents the final member of his species, which was once a strong race that revered The Bear.

The Bear granted him godhood because he was the last survivor, and the Opium Bird now faithfully serves


The Opium Bird is a very lonesome creature that loves the isolation of the South Pole over all other places. Nevertheless, he extends a warm welcome to guests and is willing to impart his wisdom to others. Many come to him in order to absorb his truths and hear his stories. He is among the wisest beings on the planet.

Even though he is the God of decay, Opium Bird sees his line of work as a necessary means of survival rather than something terrible. According to him, erosion is a normal aspect of the universe’s song; nothing endures forever.

Opium Bird harbors a deep animosity toward The Nightmare despite his generally passive and collected demeanor. He frequently assists The Bear in ending The Nightmare. He takes this action as a result of the pain The Nightmare has caused his people.


What is the erosion bird meme?

This is erosion bird, originally known as opium bird, an AI generated picture of a large. bird like creature on a snow covered mountain. who has become a viral subject of memes on TikTok. The cryptid creature first. graced TikTok with its presence on September 12th, 2023, when Tiktoker.

What is a white bird with black tipped wings and tail?

Snow Buntings have several plumages, but they always show white inner wings with black wingtips and a black-and-white tail. Breeding males are sharp white with a black back. Breeding females are whitish overall with a brown, streaky back and a dusky head.