how scary is bird box

For a while, the movie wasnt scary. It was tense and suspenseful, with several instances of poor acting and an extremely forced sex scene early on (this viewing produced Promas’s first real cry of fear). However, things started to get serious about halfway through. For example, when Mallory brought the kids to the riverbank while she went to the hospital to get supplies:

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From this point on, there were many terrifying and terrifying moments to be had, the stakes increased, and everything became more intense. Not really what we wanted, but its what we expected.

It’s especially not for us, two scaredy-cats who dislike horror films for the sole reason that we find them frightening.

These are our thoughts after watching Bird Box together on a sunny Monday morning.

Pretty gory, some sex, lot of language but not bad This movie was super good. Though it is pretty gory, i think if a teenager who normally watches gory moves watches this, they’ll be fine. I’m 15 myself and I wasn’t triggered by it what so ever. But it honestly depends on what your child can handle. For violence there’s people getting hit by buses, people burning up, there’s some stabbing in the neck, someone jumps out a window, another bangs her head against a window cracking it, and gun usage. For most of the scenes they don’t show it happening, but some its very quick. There is some sex, there’s a scene where two people engage in sex, it’s only for like 5 seconds, so you can just fast forward. Another is just a quick intense make out that implies sex, but nothing more. Language is not as bad as most rated R movies, there’s a lot of F words, and the S word, but not overpowering. But over all, I enjoyed it it was very entertaining! 1 person found this helpful.

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Does Bird Box have jump scares?

There are no jump-scares or indeed any scenes that require your attention for longer than it takes to look up from your phone.

What makes Bird Box so scary?

The Bird Box monsters remain unseen throughout the franchise, adding to their scary and mysterious nature. The creatures may be manifestations of the Earth itself, fighting back to save the planet. The monsters have the ability to tailor fear to each victim and can tap into their memories.

Is Bird Box considered a horror movie?

Bird Box is a 2018 American post-apocalyptic horror thriller film directed by Susanne Bier and written by Eric Heisserer, based on the 2014 novel by Josh Malerman.

Is Bird Box ok for a 15 year old?

A few moments of gore, mayhem and suspense fits the genre, but overall I’d describe “Bird Box” as an r-rated apocalyptical adventure movie that could easily have a lot of teenagers in it’s audience.