how old is sleepy bird from pocoyo


Baby Bird has an orange beak and turquoise eyes with black pupils.

Overview edit

It is about Pocoyo, a four-year-old boy, interacting with his friends Elly, Pato, Nina, Fred the Octopus, Loula, and Sleepy Bird. It is set in a 3D space with a plain white background and typically no backdrops. It is suggested that viewers identify the circumstances in which Pocoyo finds himself, as well as the events surrounding him. Usually, the narrator addresses the audience directly as well as the characters. Every character has a unique dance and sound (typically produced by a musical instrument), and most episodes conclude with the characters dancing.

Specials (since 2016) edit

  • Crazy Inventions (Halloween special 2016): When Pocoyo’s latest invention fails, he and Elly enter it to save Pato, their test subject, from a virus-infected machine.
  • Easter Eggs (Easter Special 2017): After building a machine that decorates chocolate eggs, Elly launches an egg hunt. However, she misidentifies Sleepy Bird’s egg as an egg, and her friends go on the rampage in an attempt to retrieve it.
  • Halloween 2017 special Pocoyo and Ninas Terror Show: Pocoyo and Nina perform a scary puppet show for their friends, but they find it funny. But their celebration is cut short when some mariachi skeletons hijack the show and start frightening the other guests.
  • On Nina’s Easter Day (Easter special 2018), Roberto and Nina steal the eggs from Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly, believing they contain little chicks like regular eggs. This causes the other three to chase after Nina.
  • The Big Soccer Match (FIFA Soccer World Cup 2018 special) – Nina forms her own soccer team to defeat Pocoyo after being rejected by the team. She receives all the training she needs from Roberto and learns everything there is to know about the game.
  • Pocoyo and Pato go trick-or-treating at a haunted house, but as they enter, Pato starts to get scared of everything, so Pocoyo reassures him that there’s nothing to be afraid of (Halloween special 2018).
  • You Are Welcome for Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving Special 2018): It’s Thanksgiving, but Pocoyo and Nina take advantage of the occasion by pestering Pato with their incessant “Thank yous” after Fred teaches them how to express gratitude.
  • Elly orders the Three Ghosts of Christmas to teach Pocoyo and Pato the true meaning of the holiday after they squash over a ball in Pocoyos Christmas Carol (Christmas special 2018).
  • The Easter Rabbit (Easter special 2019): The Easter Rabbit has stolen the eggs of Pocoyo, Nina, and Pato and hidden them in three different places. Pato becomes enraged when everyone else finds their egg but not him.
  • Pocoyo, Pato, and Caterpillar drink Elly’s pumpkin soup in Halloween Potion (Halloween Special 2019). However, each time Caterpillar drinks it, she transforms into a monster, and only Pato sees it because no one else believes him.
  • A Very Special Guest (Christmas Special 2019) – Pocoyo and Loula encounter Yanko, a yeti, while looking for misplaced ornaments. They invite him to their friend’s Christmas dinner, but they later turn him down because they are afraid of him. Pocoyo then proves to them that he is not as frightening as he appears.
  • 2020’s Easter Special Caterpillars Egg featuring Pocoyo, Pato, and Elly
  • The Reflection (Halloween Special 2020 I): Pocoyo chooses to trick-or-treat by himself after dressing up as a wizard for Halloween. But before he departs, he unintentionally casts a spell on the mirror while he’s dressing up as a scary wizard. This causes his reflection to emerge from the mirror and start mischief by robbing everyone else of their candy without Pocoyo noticing.
  • Halloween Special 2020 II: Elly’s Wand – Elly But while Elly heads out to get more supplies, Pocoyo Later, Caterpillar finds the wand and uses magic spells to wreak havoc.
  • Pocoyo, Pato, and Space Christmas (Christmas Special 2020 I)
  • Yanko has invited Pocoyo, Pato, Elly, and Christmas Far from Home (Christmas Special 2020 II) to join him. But Pato finds the encounter unpleasant, particularly when Yanko feeds him fish-based food.
  • Easter Special 2021: Surprise Easter Eggs – Pocoyo, Pato,
  • Pocoyo is hosting his own World Sports Games, which will take place in Tokyo during the 2020 Olympics. But as a judge, Pocoyo treats the contestants unfairly, awarding first place medals to whoever he pleases, usually the underachievers in each game.
  • Angry Alien attempts to take over the Pocoyo World once more in Angry Aliens First Halloween (Halloween Special 2021 I), which takes place on Halloween. But it’s thwarted once more when Pocoyo and his pals terrify him with their costumes and some Halloween décor.
  • In an attempt to frighten Elly and Pato, Pocoyo invited the Hermanos Chihuahua, a trio of skeletons, for Pocoyos Scary Halloween (Halloween Special 2022). But instead, Elly and Pato scare them with their masks, making the plan backfire.
  • The Day of the Dead (Day of the Dead Special 2021) – Pato is depressed on this Day of the Dead because he misses his grandfather, but that evening, a very special visitor arrives at Pato’s house because of Nina’s assistance.
  • Christmas. Yanko is thrilled that his family is coming over for dinner on Christmas, but Pocoyo, Pato, and Baby Bird make him spend the holiday at the beach instead. at the Beach – (Christmas Special 2021).
  • The Goblin Mask (Halloween Special 2022): Pocoyo, Pato, Elly, and Nina are all decked up for Halloween on this night. But even though Nina is misbehaving by robbing people of their candy, her mask is the one who took control of her.
  • Elly’s Auntie Phantie (Day of the Dead Special 2022): To call upon and pay a visit to her departed relative, Elly created an alter for her in the Pocoyo World. However, it turns out that Pocoyo, Pato, Baby Bird, and Caterpillar are also lending a hand when they steal the items from the alter.
  • Christmas Stakeout (Christmas Special 2022): Pocoyo, Pato, and Nina attempt to apprehend the person who will be presenting their Christmas gifts. However, the identity of the giver of their gifts is still unknown.
  • A giant egg is connected to a unique slide that Pocoyo and Pato discovered while searching for Easter eggs in Egg-cellent Friends (Easter Special 2023) But as it turns out, that slide turns people into eggs. Pato became an egg, followed by Elly, and Pocoyo and his pals had to figure out a way to make them normal again.


How old are the Pocoyo characters?

Overview. Set in a 3D space, with a plain white background and usually no backdrops, it is about Pocoyo, a four-year-old boy, interacting with his friends Elly, Pato, Nina, Fred the Octopus, Loula and Sleepy Bird.

Who is baby bird in Pocoyo?

Baby Bird is the small, active and loud baby son of his mother Sleepy Bird, who gets into tricky situations from which he is rescued by Pocoyo. Named “Pajarito” in Spanish version (‘little bird’).

Who is Pocoyo’s girlfriend?

Once, Nina kissed Pocoyo’s cheeks, implying that they have a relationship. Some of her personal favorites imply that she is younger than Pocoyo, since she likes soft music and butterflies.

How old is the duck in Pocoyo?

Big black eyes, small wings for hands, and an orange beak and feet, and a green hat on his head